Most Dangerous Countries for Americans, Las Vegas’ Potential New Airport Name, Reselling Nintendo Switches & More!


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Posts That Caught My Eye

Here are some posts and news stories I have come across that I felt were interesting enough to share. Enjoy!

These Are The Most Dangerous Countries For American Tourists

An interesting statistical look at which countries are actually the most dangerous for American tourists. They use data such as actual deaths and State Department travel advisories to see which countries are safe and which are not. I do wonder how many of these deaths if any are work related. Definitely an interesting read.

Opponents, supporters weigh in on naming Las Vegas airport after Harry Reid

There is a controversial bill being considered in Nevada about the renaming of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Harry Reid and his supporters want to name the airport after him while many others oppose it for obvious reasons. Harry Reid has been a controversial figure in Nevada, but he is highly connected and I would be surprised if this didn’t happen.

Review: United 777-300 Polaris Business Class Seat, San Fran – Newark

United is flying their brand new business class product domestically for a short while before rolling it out internationally. Here is a first look at the new product. It definitely is a HUGE improvement over both their 8 and 6 across business class products, but I am not convinced it is better than a Reverse Herringbone seat such as what American and Cathay Pacific have. There are also reports of delays from the manufacturer, so it might be awhile before you run into one of these.

How I did reselling those Nintendo Switches

An interesting look at reselling a hot product in high demand. I too had some Nintendo Switch units and decided to send them all into Amazon FBA. It took awhile for them to get into stock, but I actually did quite a lot better than if I had sold them locally. Of course I could have lost if they had come back into stock during the time it took to ship them to Amazon, but I predicted Nintendo would have a short supply (which they are known for) and it seems I was right.

How Do You Get 2% on the Citi Double Cash?

A small quirk with how redemptions work on this card, but it probably isn’t worth tossing away yet. There are other 2% no annual fee cards, but this is perhaps the highest profile card and thus a lot of people may have it. I personally would take the Chase Freedom Unlimited myself, but everyone has different priorities.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the link! I agree with your assessment on Polaris. I enjoyed the flight, and it’s a good product, but it strikes me as evolutionary vs. revolutionary (though I prefer Polaris to American’s 787 J layout). But I’m really worried about the seat issues/delays. The longer UA markets “Polaris” but can’t deliver on the hard product, it just makes all that fancy marketing increasingly meaningless.

  2. My wife and I love to vacation in Mexico. From our friends, we always get the question of “aren’t you worried about the drug cartels?” We laugh and point out that since we live near Chicago, um, really, the drug cartels aren’t that much of a concern. Spending a weekend in Chicago, will all of the violence there, is infinitely safer than spending a weekend in the Yucatan.
    So whenever I see articles like this, I really wish they would balance out the story by comparing violence rates against american tourists vs. violence rates in major US cities.


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