Diving Deeper into the Fuel Everywhere Card – A Nice Surprise!


More Uses for the Fuel Everywhere Visa Gift Card

More Uses for the Fuel Everywhere Visa Gift Card

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experiments with the Fuel Everywhere card.  I was able to find a good use for them at gas stations that give you rewards points for buying gift cards like Speedway.

With last week’s sale at Office Depot focusing on the Everywhere cards Nick W. from our Facebook Group decided to test them out in another way.  Once he reported his success I decided to try my luck at my local store as well and got the same results.

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Using Fuel Everywhere at the Grocery Store

Nick had wondered if these would work at grocery stores that had a gas station attached, like a Kroger etc.  I suggested that they would work to buy a Kroger gift card inside the gas station which you could then use in the store.

He decided to give it a try in the actual store.  He attempted it at his local Safeway grocery store and said it worked on regular groceries.  I decided to give it a try as well and went to my local Kroger that had a gas station attached.  I purchased a $98 Amazon gift card and a gallon of milk and the Fuel Everywhere card worked perfectly. My showed I even earned double fuel points on the purchase with Kroger’s summer promotion!

More Uses for the Fuel Everywhere Visa Gift Card

Is This Useful?

The main question is whether or not this is useful information.  It is useful for people that purchase these cards but should you even purchase them?

If there is a sale going on like there was last week they become profitable since they only have a $3.95 activation fee (lowest of any Visa gift card) but they come with a $100 max load.  That means you would be better off purchasing the Grocery Everywhere option that comes with a $4.95 activation fee since it offers a max load of $200.  That way you would only need to pay $9.90 for $400 in spend vs $11.85 for $300 in spend.  You could do one of each for $8.90 for $300 in spend but you would miss out on the extra 500 Ultimate Rewards points on the extra $100 in spend.

One of each would be the most profitable option and the best for people who are using cards without the office store bonus though.  With the $15 off promo it would net you a profit of $6.10 for each round of purchases.

I bring it to your attention though in case the rest of the cards are cleaned out already and the Fuel Everywhere is all that is left.  This gives you another option to drain them outside of the gas station trick I talked about a few weeks back.  And since they work on groceries one would have to think they would work on Money Orders if your store sells them.  My local stores are cash only so I was unable to test that out.


Whiles these cards will not be most people’s first or second option they can become a profitable tool if it is all that is left during a sale period.  Having a second option to drain them is always a plus when dealing with any type of Visa gift cards.

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  1. I received $50 gift card from a friend. I used it once and I couldn’t use it again. I called and they said I had a balance of $38 and sent me a new one. I used that one once for $12, and could not use the rest. I just called and number on back and recording said card wasn’t good. I have had so much trouble with “Fuel EVERYWHERE “ I would never recommend it.

  2. A couple weeks late to this thread, but I wanted to report that the Grocery Everywhere card worked like a champ when buying stuff at Costco.

    And not food. 27-gallon plastic storage containers.

  3. Good info thanks. My OM was cleaned out of most Everywhere, except the Fuel ones. So I picked up a stack to use for actual fuel the next months. Good to know I have more options.

    These also work at Costco gas pumps. Just to test, I also tried to load onto a Cashcard at the same Costco and failed.



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