Top 5 of August: Devaluations & Clawbacks, Passing on Luxury, Prestige Vanishes & More!

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Most Popular Posts

Most Popular Posts of August 2018

Here is our 5 most viewed posts from the previous month.  This only includes articles written and posted in the month of August.  Any expired deals or promos will not be included either.

August was full of mostly negative news unfortunately.


5. Citi to Cut Off Prestige Applications on 8/18?

When Shawn wrote this it was just a rumor but it ended up being true.  There is still no application link for the Prestige card.  Many believe it is going through yet another revamp.  Hopefully they add perks this time rather than take them away.

4. Marriott Screws Customers with Travel Package Mapping

Marriott made a lot of loyal members unhappy when they announced the travel package conversions.  Most people were upset because they waited to announce it until it was too late to make any changes.  After the uproar they ended up back tracking and refunding points to some members.

3. BREAKING: Amex Clawing Back Credit for Multiple Amex Offers & Charging Customers Retroactively

This was the most surprising news of the month.  We knew Amex was cutting down on multiple Amex Offers already (see most popular post) but I never thought they would retroactively charge people.  Proceed with caution going forward.

2. Why I Am Passing on the SPG Luxury Card – Should You Too?

I just didn’t find the value in the SPG Luxury card.  Not like I did with the Aspire card, which I called the Hands Down the most valuable premium card on the market. There was nothing that drew me in or anything that would make me keep it long term.

1. Huge Devaluation! Amex Offers Restricted to One Card, All Tricks Dead!

The end of an era. This was a favorite perk of Amex cards among many of us.  I expect there to be a lot of closures on marginal cards in the near future.  It does seem to still be working on certain offers but not most.


Well that does it for August 2018. Let me know in the comments which article you liked best.

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