Why Moviepass Annual Plan Members Should Cancel By 8/31


Moviepass Cancels Unlimited Plan For Yearly Subscribers

Moviepass Cancels Unlimited Plan For Yearly Subscribers

Moviepass has sent out emails to yearly subscribers and it isn’t good news.  Even though they took your money up front, a year in advance, Moviepass cancels unlimited plan for yearly subscribers.  It doesn’t get much lower than that.  But wait! Moviepass is allowing you to get a refund on your yearly subscription.  They give you a super generous window of 7 days…what a great company (sarcasm font)!  Run for the hills as fast as you can (not sarcasm font).

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There should be a link in the email they sent out where you can cancel the plan.  I would suggest you do it since Moviepass continues to change their rules on a whim.  The ship is sinking fast so get what you can, while you can.  It should be noted if you cancel you can not sign up for Moviepass for 9 months.  I would be surprised if they are even around for 9 more months but that is another topic.  If you decide to stick with the program you will be capped at 3 movies per month.  And even then people have trouble using their pass at the theater.

Take the refund money and go sign up for a stable plan like Sinemia or AMC Stubs A-List (the best one in my opinion).  If you purchased your plan from Costco people have reported being successful canceling it and getting a full refund.  Whether or not you think it is moral to get a full refund for something you used for many months is up to you.  But it is an option.

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I find it ridiculous that Moviepass decides they can change a plan that was paid for in advance and then only give a 7 day window for a refund. This has been one of the most bizarre business stories in a while.  They had a fast meteoric rise and then an epic and quick crash.  I did enjoy it while it lasted but canceled my plan last month.  I didn’t want to ride the roller coaster any longer.

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  1. MoviePass has been such a joke for the past few months! My wife and I got ours last November during a sale for the annual membership and have fortunately seen enough movies to make it a good investment. Now the card is essentially worthless, with barely any movies/showings available. If you bought the annual plan, please be sure to cancel your subscription NOW, so you aren’t charged for another year for a service that basically can’t be used anymore. (if you cancel now, your annual membership goes until your anniversary date). I also took my credit card info out of the app and replaced it with a visa gift card number that has a dollar on it, just because this company is not trustworthy…

    I agree, it would surprise me if they were in business in 2019 at all!!!

    PS: If you want to risk your account being closed, which isn’t that big of a risk at this point… You can sign in to any available movie on the app and purchase a ticket to ANY other movie… Wink, wink…

  2. The FesterPass is the best movie deal…no need to cancel anything. I have a home theater, so don’t need nor want to go a movie theater. I have the popcorn machine with real butter topping and flavorings for those who like that and a candy stand. Wide screen 3D projector with awesome 7.1 THX sound. Seating like what AMC has been stalling in some of their theaters. So, no need to worry about being disturbed by people who want to have conversations instead of watching the show, surfing their smartphone, or active shooters.

  3. Hopefully subscribers used a decent bank card like Chase or AMEX for a full refund. I would go thru the cc company rather than canceling thru MoviePass; I mean seriously? MP is a dog, be done already! Banks look MP up, see their financial issues, & issue a credit.

  4. I believe underdog stories, I’ll stick it to the very end.
    Consider I got in on the 6.95/Mo Annual plan and number of movies I watched so far. It’s a worthwhile ride.

  5. What if I am an annual subscriber, but didn’t receieve an email. How can I get a refund? (My plan was bought directly through moviepass (not Costco) and paid via Paypal)

      • the app allows me to cancel but i haven’t pressed the final confirm button because i haven’t gotten any email for refunds yet. according to the link from mashable, the email indicates that we will only get refunded the prorated portion of the annual pass that we haven’t used yet.

        right now if i press cancel it doenst say anything about prorate and only says my account will be valid till end of current period (nov 18). i wonder if i cancel now will i get prorated refund or merely my account will stay open until nov. either way it seems like the one movie a day option will die regardless..

          • purchased direct from their website back in nov. should i just cancel in the app and try to dispute it with my CC company then?

          • You could try it that way. If you bought direct I am surprised you didn’t get the email.

          • yea not sure why i never got the email to cancel. i’ve gotten all other emails in the past and checked my junk mail folder too..

            can someone fwd me the email? is the cancellation link unique to each user?

    • Dan,
      have you canceled through the app yet? i’m in same situation as you and will likely cancel tomorrow before the 31 deadline just in case given that i dont expect it to be around after my annual sub ends in nov 25th anyways.

      debating how i should try to fight for last 3 months prorated on my cc statement.


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