Moviepass Devaluing Their Program, AGAIN! New Fees Coming Your Way

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Moviepass is Adding Additional Fees for Certain Movies

Moviepass is Adding Additional Fees for Certain Movies

Moviepass has taken 2018 by storm and has been one of the best value deals out there.  The value comes from the fact that it isn’t really sustainable.  At least not in it’s current format of one movie per day for $9.95 a month. We all know this, even if Moviepass tries to deny it, but that fact has lead to changes in the program.

First it was Moviepass eliminating the ability to see a movie more than once. Then they started making people take a picture of their ticket stub. They even tried limiting the plan to 4 movies per month for new members.  The first two stuck but the last one didn’t.  Well now they are trying to charge extra for what they call “premium movies”.  Hopefully this ends up in the trash like the 4 movies a month plan.


The Verge talked to Moviepass CEO Mitch Lowe about the latest change, the same guy who said Moviepass app keeps tabs on your movements before back tracking. Starting in July the following will be put in place:

  • Tickets for “high demand” films will incur an additional fee
    • At certain times for certain films, on opening weekend etc.
  • Won’t apply to annual subscription users, only month to month plan people
  • Additional fee will start at $2 but they did not specify how high it could go


This won’t be an issue for most Moviepass members since I think a large number of them are on the yearly subscription plan.  For the people like me, on the monthly plan, it seems like if we avoid opening weekends we may be safe.  But Moviepass may just add the fee on all Marvel movies  or something like that.  Who knows at this point.

This comes out a day after AMC released their new movie plan program that could be looking a lot more enticing once this rolls out.  This announcement is either poor timing or just pure desperation on Moviepass’ part.

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