MoviePass is Expanding E-Ticketing – Which Allows You to Pick Your Seats

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MoviePass is Expanding E-Ticketing

MoviePass is Expanding E-Ticketing – Pick Your Seats

I received an email from MoviePass this week saying they added E-Ticketing to Goodrich  and Landmark Theaters in my area.  That is only around 10 theaters or so near me but I found it interesting. This comes on the heels of them recently slashing the price of membership. To be honest I have never used E-Ticketing since I go to an AMC Theater and it isn’t an option there, and I doubt it ever will be at AMC.  But it is encouraging to see them expanding this feature since it is a competitive advantage that Sinemia has over MoviePass.

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Details on E-Ticketing

Since I had never used E-Ticketing with my MoviePass I was curious to see how it worked.  It was pretty simple.

First you select a theater that has it available – available theaters are clearly listed.

MoviePass is Expanding E-Ticketing

Then you pick the movie and time that your are interested in.

MoviePass is Expanding E-TicketingYou Confirm your movie selection.

MoviePass is Expanding E-Ticketing

And then all that is left to do is pick your seat, if available.  When you go to the theater you show the code emailed to you as your ticket.

This is great for people who live in a busy area that often has movies sell out or wants to ensure they get seats with their friends etc. It is also great for new releases that are bound to be packed.

I don’t run into either of those issues at the the theater I frequent but they are a big drawback for some people. It is also a main reason that some have shied away from getting a MoviePass membership. Having to go to the theater early in the morning to buy a ticket for a movie later in the day isn’t ideal…no matter how cheap it is.

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It is great to see MoviePass continuing to expand this option and trying to add it to more theaters.  Hopefully it came to some theaters near you as well.

Have you used this feature before, how did it work?  Are there a lot of E-Ticketing options near you?

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  1. Sinemia allows advance ticket purchases for most theaters thru Fandango. I first go thru a cashback portal then pay on Fandango with my Sinemia card. I can also add my AMC Stubbs/My Harkins Awards info.
    I probably earn an extra $10/yr cashback + the theater rewards value. I also get VIP status & some extra cash/product awards with Fandango by going thru them.

    I think Movie Pass is great for solo movie goers. This advance ticketing option is a big step forward, but it still doesn’t assure you of 2 seats together unless both phone apps book at the exact same time! I might go back if they ever get on board with a couples program.

    • Very valid points. I think a lot of it depends on where you live. I still mostly go to an old school AMC theater where seating is not a problem so MP would work fine for couples by me. But for the new theaters with all the bells and whistles Sinemia is probably the better option.

      • I haven’t ever used Sinemia’s 3D format option because then we can only see 1 movie/month/each.

        You remember how I was requesting an article from you on tips for how couples can work together towards points/rewards? Well MP was a perfect example of this issue in our household since it required me to physically take possession of my husband’s phone to get him properly ticketed, sigh…

        Sinemia saved me from that frustration alone. There are some theater tickets you can’t buy on Fandango, so Sinemia isn’t perfect, either. In those few cases, though, I’ll buy tix with my own cc (CTY for entertainment bonus!), then when we get to the theater I’ll have them back out the charge & apply to the Sinemia card. I keep the seats I originally wanted + any loyalty points for that theater. They don’t have to do this but have nevertheless never had them not do it, either. Hope that helps, Mark, & looking forward to your Sinemia write-up.


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