M&T Bank $150 Bonuses, Two Promo Codes Extended Till 9/30


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M&T bank bonuses

M&T Bank $150 Bonuses, Two Promo Codes Extended Till 9/30

M&T Bank has had a lots of promotions recently, offering as much as $250 for new accounts. Most offers expired on 5/24 and the last two expired on 6/30. But now they have been extended again.

The Offers

These are the two promo codes that have been extended until September 30th:

  • Promo Code: QC
    • Account: EZChoice Checking
    • Expiration: 9/30/2017
    • Bonus: $150
    • Promo Page
  • Promo Code: QD
    • Account: EZChoice Checking
    • Expiration: 9/30/2017
    • Bonus: $150
    • Promo Page

The promo page is the same, it just shows two different promo codes when opening directly from that page or emailing the coupon.

In order to receive the bonus you need to open a new personal checking account by September 30, 2017 and make a direct deposit of at least $100 within 90 days of account opening.


EZChoice Checking is the best option. You can avoid the $6.95 monthly fee just by making one transaction such as a deposit, withdrawal, or debit purchase every month. If you have more than one M&T account than a small transfer from one to the other will satisfy that requirement.

Both accounts have an Early Account Closure Fee of $50.00 if account is closed within 180 days of opening.


This is probably one of the best bank bonus we have seen. I thought they wouldn’t offer these any longer after all promo codes expired on 6/30, but these two have been extended again for another three months. You should be able to get more than one bonus for every new account that you open. You just need to use a different promo code every time. ACH deposits of at least $100 seem to trigger the bonus which posts on the same day as the ACH deposit. Major banks such as Chase, Capital One, Alliant etc will work for the ACH transfer.

We wrote previously that even though the promotion is limited only to a few states, but seems to be working nationwide.

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  1. Unfortunately neither of these offers is working in my area. I am in the LA area and the page says: Sorry, this offer is not available in your region. Just wanted to let you guys know!

    • Don’t enter your zip code when prompted at the beginning. Just click outside that pop-up window and continue with application.


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