Great Deal for BofA Cardholders This Weekend!


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museums on us june 2015

Museums on Us – June 6 & 7,2015

This is just a quick reminder that this weekend you can enjoy free museums as part of Bank of America’s Museums on Us Program. I have written about the program before and think it is a cool benefit that the bank gives its customers.

For me, it isn’t a reason to become a customer or apply for a card (the reason for me to become a customer is their Alaska Airlines partnership), but it makes me feel good that I have one.  I have saved dozens of dollars on museum admissions!

museums on us june 2015

Back in January I published all of this year’s dates along with a guide to Museums on Us, so I recommend heading over there for more information.

If you simply want to see which museums are included, you can find the full list here.

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  1. Do they swipe the card when you enter or can you just show the card? I have an old Alaska Card I would like to try to use for this

    • I think it differs by museum, but I have never had them swipe. I simply showed them the card and they gave me a ticket. You can try to call your local museum to see how they process it.

    • I don’t have experience with that. The terms say it has to be a BofA or Merrill Lynch card, so my guess is it won’t work since it doesn’t say those names on it.

  2. Thanks Shawn — have an old BA card gathering dust….. (and building credit I supposed) Heading to Orlando tomorrow — and thanks for the list too. A good excuse to use it, at last. 🙂


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