My Experience Using Amazon Locker To Make A Return


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My Experience Using Amazon Locker To Make A Return

I purchase a lot of stuff from Amazon, mostly snacks for the kids lunches, but I don’t do many returns.  Most of the time when I do returns I ship them back via USPS.  There have been a few occasions where that is not an option so I went to a UPS store.  This time around USPS wasn’t an option but an Amazon locker was.  There was one located a half a mile from my house which was a ton more convenient than going to the UPS store.

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My Experience Using Amazon Locker

The Process

When I went through the return process I selected Amazon Locker.  I then prompted me to choose which locker I wanted to use.  They seem to be on the inside of stores unlike many UPS lockers that are placed outside.  That means some have closing hours etc.  I selected the 7-11 that is open 24 hours, score!

You still need to box up and label your return like you would have if you were shipping it out.

Here is the process I followed when I arrived at the store:

  • When I went to the store to process the return I touched the screen to activate it.
  • I then punched in the code that Amazon gave me in the return paperwork.
  • A locker popped open and I tried to fit the package in (it did not fit but there were size maximums on the Amazon paperwork so I wasn’t worried).
  • There was an option that said “my package doesn’t fit”.
  • It prompted me to close the open locker and then a larger one opened up.
  • I placed the package in that locker and closed the door.
  • The process was complete.

My Experience Using Amazon Locker screen

I am sorry I didn’t get more pictures of the screen when the item wouldn’t fit.  I had not planned on writing up a review on it but I enjoyed the process so much that I decided it was worth it.

Final Takeaway

The Amazon Locker process was easier and more enjoyable than going to the post office or to a UPS store.  You don’t need to interact with anyone and it is a quick and painless process.  If I am returning a small object that fits in a regular mailbox I would probably still go that route but otherwise I will use an Amazon locker going forward.

The return was credited into my account the next day.  But I have to imagine the time frame on that depends on what day it is and how often they pick up at the locker.


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  1. So, a more key question is how is it to pick up there? How quickly do they deliver to these lockers? Is it usually a two – three hour pick up (given certain areas)? Or ?

    • I am not sure I have never used them for pick up and probably never would since I just have things dropped at my house. But it could be beneficial in areas where package theft is an issue. I think it will all depend on how close you live to a distribution center but I doubt it would be any different than home delivery time frames.

  2. Thanks for the info – I have seen lockers around town but I assumed they were for deliveries, and not returns. I’ll have to check that out — there’s some purchases that I HAVEN’T made because I might want to return the product, and the overhead cost of shipping a product back negates the savings of having purchased it online — this “return via locker” idea changes the economics of some of those decisions…

  3. I use them for delivery. One plus: If Amazon says Monday delivery, I frequently change the delivery from my office to the box near my house. More often then not the product is delivered Saturday or Sunday.


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