myVEGAS Adds More Restrictions to Redemptions Lowering Overall Value


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myVEGAS devaluation

Another myVEGAS Devaluation

I know a lot of people in the miles & points space play myVEGAS. The online game allows you to earn coins which can then be redeemed for restaurant credits, hotel rooms, show tickets & more. (They have added other redemptions as well like Royal Caribbean.)

One of the most common complaints I hear about the game is that the redemptions have consistently been devalued over the past couple of years. What used to be restaurant credits turned into 2 for 1 coupons and the amount of fine print on each redemption is staggering.

Vegas Chatter is reporting that MGM Resorts, the key myVEGAS redemption partner has instituted a new rule which severely limits the value of redeeming myVEGAS coins for hotel rooms. According to their site:

Effective April 1st, all comp room rewards from all MGM properties will be limited to one redemption per trip.

I can’t find a definition of “trip” in their terms, but I am sure they will make you wait far enough between hotel redemptions so that you cannot get two within a week.


I guess a couple could still get a free weekend or two free nights during a longer stay, but this change no doubt makes it much more difficult to redeem your points for free hotel rooms. The real question is whether or not it is worth playing myVEGAS given all of the recent devaluations.

While I don’t play personally, my wife does enjoy myVEGAS. The way I see it, if you are playing the game just to get free stuff then it is clear that you are not coming out ahead. No matter how low you value your time, I just don’t see a scenario where you get a worthy return of investment. If on the other hand you play for fun, then I guess any rewards are just icing on the cake.


As the popularity of myVEGAS continues to grow, I doubt the value of the coins earned will go anywhere but down. The simple laws of supply and demand must come into play at some point and it seems that is starting to happen.

Do you play myVEGAS? Is it still worth it despite all of the recent changes? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My friends and I planned a Vegas trip last year and looked into this. There were some guides out there (probably outdated now) on the fastest way to accumulate points. With some computer know-how, we really minimized the time we spent on it and got some really good deals. That’s vague but their T&Cs were so complicated I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to be doing some things we were doing. After we spent our points we stopped accumulating them as we saw the writing on the wall.

    Anyways, I’m not surprised at the devaluation, I think we figured out we got nearly $500 of free stuff for about 10 minutes a day of work over a couple of months. Still not great but so easy to do.

  2. The entertainment of the value of the game is definitely there. If the app involved filling out surveys instead of blackjack/slots, I would never use it.

  3. I no longer see how this program is of any benefit to a Canadian. Too far to travel for one night and everything costs about 25% more thanks to the drop in our dollar. So long Las Vegas…

  4. I’m pretty confused about this entire myvegas thing… Ive been playing for 5 days and i have 35k loyalty pts on one account and 15k on another. I played the mobile and facebook versions including konami… Seems like honestly if i continue this until my trip (cinqo de mayo 2016), i might end up having roughly (2 x 12 x 30k) 360,000 loyalty on 2 seperate accounts… That would save me a ton of cash… I dont see it as a ripoff at all! Only question is what deals should i buy?


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