BBVA Compass NBA De-Branding & Rewards Structure Changes


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NBA Amex De-branding & Rewards Change

The BBVA Compass NBA Amex card has been one of my favorite cards over the past few years. Up until recently it earned 5% cashback during select NBA events, but that was ultimately capped at $5K in spend. Now, BBVA Compass is losing their NBA partnership and this card is going to be stripped of its benefits.

PDX Deals Guy reached out to BBVA to find out how the rewards will work under the re-branding and he received some confirmation from the bank. Here is what they said:

Thank you for contacting BBVA Compass. We have received your inquiry regarding your NBA American Express credit card ending in *—-.

We completely understand your concerns. Please be advised that beginning November 17, 2017 there will be a new BBVA Compass American Express rewards value prop that will not include anything related to the NBA.

However, from July 1-Nov 16, 2017 customers will still be awarded 3x on qualifying NBA-related purchases. If you made qualifying purchases during the NBA Finals from June 1-15, 2017, then you should receive 5x points on those qualifying purchases for the first $5,000.00 (but remember to allow up to 45 days for transactions and rewards credits to post to your rewards account).

Furthermore, the new AmEx cards will be issued throughout September to replace the NBA branded cards with new BBVA Compass-only branding. To ensure that we have your correct address on file, we kindly ask that you respond to this message with your current mailing address for verification.

This is good news if you used the card to purchase NBA tickets at 3X, since that benefit will continue on into the beginning of next season. Unfortunately the changes do go into effect before the NBA All Star Game, which means 5% earning is a thing of the past.

While we can look for our new unbranded Amex cards come September, BBVA has not yet announced how this card will earn rewards after November. I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything spectacular, but I’ll probably keep this card just for the Amex Offers which have been worth a couple of hundred dollars a year to me.

Are you going to dump this card once the NBA juice is let out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. One other note, for the few of you out there who (like me) use this card to pay for NBA tickets. I have found that I pretty much always have to secure-mail BBVA to ask them to give me an extra 2x credit (to get to 3x) for NBA ticket purchases. The good news is they always have done it. The bad news is you have to check and ask.

  2. This card is a keeper even without the NBA 5%. You can stack BBVA Easy Cash Back with AMEX Offers and get really nice double discounts.

    Ex. I had a targeted 10% off Hilton up to $15 off. That stacked with the AMEX offer of $35 off. Both get credited directly to the account — though the BBVA offers take a long time to post.

  3. It does not hurt to keep the card due to no fees. However, the online login is not friendly as others. I may keep this card just to improve the average age of my credit cards.

    BBVA is kind of slow on everything but customer service are very helpful.

  4. Who do you contact when not getting the AMEX offer credits with this card? Bbva compass CS haven’t been able to help and send me from department to department.


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