Negative Changes To Kroger Gift Card Purchases & Fuel Points Program

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Negative Changes To Kroger

Negative Changes To Kroger Gift Card Purchases & Fuel Points Program

There are some changes coming out for the Kroger Fuel Points program and gift card purchases that will be a blow to some resellers.  These changes will not affect the majority of Kroger customers since most people just buy a few gift cards during the promos.  For people like us this is a points earning blow though.

Details on the Changes

Kroger is rolling out the following changes, already in effect:

  • Gift card purchases are limited to $500 per transaction.
    • Used to be $1999.99 at self checkout and pretty much unlimited at customer service.
  • A limit of 6 swipes per credit card per day.
    • This has been in place for a while but it is much more important now.

Why These Changes Matter

For most people this won’t seem like a big deal.  But for people that took advantage of the Kroger gift card sales or the 4X Fuel Points promos this is a big hit to those endeavors.  You are now limited to $3000 per credit card per day and that is only if you can find a friendly cashier that will allow you to do 6 separate transactions.

For people that were able to manufacture points with the fuel points promos, selling the gift cards and the fuel points for break even, this just cut them off at the knees.  It was easy to rack up tons of points, especially in the lucrative grocery store category, going this route.  Now what is possible is minuscule in comparison. Unless you are a glutton for punishment and want to do a ton of purchases every day for days on end. Acting this way will most likely lead to suspicion and eventual shutdown though.

Final Thoughts

There will still be some value in the Kroger 4X fuel points promos but it will not be the windfall it was for many that knew how to play it right. Let me know if this affects your points earning plan at all.


  1. IMHO, a great example of “why we can’t have nice things.”

    Did anyone really think people were going to continuously walk in and clean out the gift card rack, and the store wouldn’t put in some kind of “one to a customer” rule?

  2. This will def. hurt me. I used to do 3 x $500 and 1 x $475 at my Harris Teeter through self check out with no issues for my many (4) amex gold’s and 3% cash back cards for grocery. UGH


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