Negative Cost Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards at Safeway, ACME, Vons and More


Negative Cost Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards

Negative Cost Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards at Safeway, ACME, Vons and More

Just4U and MyMixx reward programs have a digital coupon for a discount on Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards. This should give you negative cost gift cards while also earning you credit card rewards. The offer is available at Safeway, Vons, ACME and other supermarkets that use these rewards programs.

The Offer

Get $10 off when you purchase a $150 Visa® or Mastercard gift card.

Key Terms

  • Limit 1 per household.
  • One-time Store Coupon
  • Expires: 11/28/2017
  • Club Card required

Loading the Offer

This offer comes in the form of a digital coupon that needs to be loaded to your account. Once you load the offer, the $10 discount should come off automatically when you purchase a single $150+ on Visa or Mastercard gift cards.


The best option for maximizing is to use a card that earns a category bonus at grocery stores. $500 variable load cards have a $5.95 fee, so you will earn a $4.05 profit per card plus credit card rewards. Depending on your liquidation bandwidth this could be a good deal if you have access to multiple accounts.

However, make sure you test whether variable load cards will trigger the offer. Last time around they weren’t working, so you might have to check out their other gift card options.

For more info on liquidating, see: How To Liquidate Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards


The coupon is limited to one-time use only per account. Either way it is a great deal and a great way to get negative cost spend. It may be worth a visit if you have any of these supermarkets nearby. Make sure that the discount is applied when checking out.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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  1. I purchased a variable Visa Gift Card for $500 and it did not trigger a discount.
    Manager made good on it – with $10 cash – but said that the offer was for purchasing a Visa for $100 and a Master card for $50 and they had run out of those ‘special cards’ just for this offer.


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