HOT Neiman Marcus Amex Offer: Details, How to Make a Profit & Why You Should Load Now!



Neiman Marcus Amex Offer

A new widely available Amex Offer for has been released. Let’s take a look at the offer and how you can make a profit with it.

The Offer

Get a one-time $50 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $200+ in one or more transactions online at by 3/16/2017.

Key Terms

  • Valid online only.
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside of the US.
  • Excludes NM Last Call website and stores.
  • Enrollment limited.

How to Load

While I have found this offer on ALL of my cards, I don’t believe there is a Twitter hashtag for it. As of now I believe the only way you can load the offer is via the American Express website or app.

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This offer does not exclude gift cards. Right now you can sell the cards for a minimum of 83% at some places and even more at others. Here is what the math looks like for purchasing 2 X $100 or (1 X $200) eGift cards:

  • Cost = $200
  • Amex Offer = $-50
  • Total Cost = $150
  • Sell at 83% = $166
  • Profit = $16 per offer + credit card rewards

Additionally, several people on the FM Laboratory have reported success getting paid from cashback portals for eGift card purchases despite the terms. Portal cashback is definitely YMMV, but it might be a nice added bonus.


This is a great Amex Offer and one I assure you that people are loading up to their cards in bulk as I type this. Amex Offers have a limited amount of capacity, so it always pays to load these sooner rather than later. I don’t expect this one to be around very long!

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  1. virtual gift cards should work righ? doesnt have to be physical? also, no $200 denomination, need to get 2×100 or a $250.

    what does this mean though?
    Within the next business day, upon credit approval, we’ll e-mail the NM Virtual Gift Card (and your personal message, if you wish) to the gift recipient.

  2. I just picked up a $200 denomination and they’re still listed on the website. You just have scroll down to find them.

    Also, FYI Ebates is offering 4% CB explicitly for NM GCs.

  3. Thanks for this! Added to 3x Amex cards, purchase on one will give it a day see how the CB works before doing the other 2.

  4. Can anyone confirm that Cardpool or ABC/CardCash is accepting these as eCodes? GCWiki doesn’t show that they do, but I consider that inconclusive.

  5. I got the congrats email email too, on the 19th when I made the purchase. But I don’t see the $50 statement credit. The congrats email does mention that it’s conditional upon being a qualified purchase, so I’m worried. Has anyone had that $50 statement credit appear?

  6. Is it still profitable to resell? Looks the rate drops 73% due to high supply in past month. Could someone refer the better resell sites?


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