Neiman Marcus eGift Cards Now Being Delivered for Many



Neiman Marcus Amex Offer Follow Up

Last week American Express and Neiman Marcus came out with a phenomenal Amex Offer. Given that it is profitable to buy gift cards and re-sell them with this offer, I know many of you went ahead and did that.

On the first day of the offer I purchased 3 eGift cards as a test and they came within a few hours. Then on Friday I placed a bunch of orders. Then I waited and waited and waited. 

Through the day on Friday and through the weekend nothing came. My guess is they were overloaded with gift card orders. Thankfully my first set of orders from Friday (placed early in the morning) have now been delivered. Other orders placed later in the day have yet to come.

Additionally many people in the Miles to Memories Facebook group report having received their cards as well. It appears they are working through our orders. Good news!

Did you buy any cards? What has been your experience?

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  1. Shawn, the question is will the purchases made on Friday and delivered today track with x15 or their regular bonus? Assuming gift cards will track at all.

    • Confirmed that I was able to get the offer on all 13 of my and the SO’s Amex accounts and all 13 of the 3000 Alaska Miles have posted (despite only 6 of the gift cards having already been emailed). Great deal and glad we were rewarded for taking the bite, now just need to get these gift cards sold to minimize risk 😉

    • Answering to myself 🙂 and others. Got x15 on all of my NM gift card orders on Friday! Thanks Shawn for the heads up!

  2. I put two orders for NM cards ,one on I pad and another on mini computer with chrome browser. Both orders were filled and I received the cards. However I see only one $50 credit on my Amex. It has been several days and the second $50 from Amex credit card still has not shown up. I suppose Amex must have caught up with the trick to get two credits. Bum.!,

    • You can only get 1 credit per number. The primary and AU cards have different numbers and can each get a credit. As long as you used two different numbers you should get two different credits. Sometimes it takes a few days though.

    • Yeah that happens with deals like this. The price will go back up if you wait or I think some exchanges will take them for a bit less now. The offer doesn’t expire for awhile so the best move might be to wait to buy.

  3. Did any one make out with this offer? Trying to figure out how this can be considered a good deal considering the high markup prices at Neiman Marcus.

  4. I simply identified a product that was in high demand on eBay. It was on sale plus I got the AmEx bonus and 15x Alaska miles. I should profit $100-$150 plus get the miles. I used 2 cards. I was gun shy to use all my cards.

  5. Received $400 egift cards today. 6K AS miles show as tracked in the AS shopping. Will sit on these cards until the next high mileage offer 4 NM.

  6. Thanks for the post.

    I received my ecards.

    Question: the ecards from Neiman Marcus say you must’ click to activate’.

    I presume one needs to do that in order to sell them?



  7. Today I received all 22 eGift Cards. No miles yet posted on Alaska account. I second MikeO’s question, and would add mine: How long does it usually take for rate to “bounce back” after a saturation moment such as this one?

  8. received all egift card purchased on Friday but no miles yet showing up in Alaska account. Is it unusual? I made the purchase through the portal but not even one transaction is showing up as pending which is strange.

  9. update : now I have all my purchases showing earning total of 33,000 miles, but so far only visible in Shopping account, not normal Mileage Plan account. Is there a 30 delay like with many other cashback portals?

  10. I’m having trouble with AmEx transactions staying in Pending status for several days. This is problematic when I wait until the day the AmEx offer expires to make the purchase. For example, I made an Omaha Steaks purchase on 1/18. The transaction did not post until 1/19. Normally I get the e-mail from AmEx within a minute of triggering an AmEx offer. This time, I had to chat with 3 AmEx reps including escalating to a supervisor to add a note to my account. The first rep said it could take up to 8 weeks-NO WAY. Finally the $10 credit was provided on 1/23.
    Now my Neiman Marcus $200 gift card purchase is still Pending today on 1/24. I made the purchase on 1/20, well in advance of the 3/16 expiration. Hope I get that $50 credit!


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