75% Off Perrier & Why It Pays to Browse the Smaller Amex Offers on Your Account!


Nestle Ready Refresh Amex Offer

Nestle Ready Refresh Amex Offer

Amex Offers can be quite valuable and lucrative. I often look at finding ways to take advantage of them to earn points and make money, but sometimes an offer comes along that is useful to me personally. These smaller offers aren’t always “Blockbuster Deals”, but they are still very good.

For example, the following widely targeted offer shows up in about half of my accounts.

Nestle Ready Refresh Amex Offer

I had actually seen this offer awhile back and forgotten about it. Then one day I was chatting with our writer Danny the Deal Guru (DDG) and he asked if I liked Perrier. I happen to love it! All of those hotel and airport lounges have spoiled me over the years. 🙂

He then shared his super easy experience with Ready Refresh including their introductory offer giving 50% off your first delivery. Combined with the Amex Offer, you actually end up getting up to 75% off plus free delivery.

Nestle Ready Refresh Amex OfferFollowing our conversation I was feeling thirsty so I hit their site with a mission to get as close to $30 as possible! The Ready Refresh site is super easy to navigate and when you select your products, you also get to select a delivery date. The idea of the service is to get you to commit to recurring deliveries, but it isn’t required. (I think if you don’t do recurring they charge a $3 delivery fee.) I chose delivery every 3 months and here is what my first order looked like.

Nestle Ready Refresh Amex Offer

After subtracting out the credit from my Amex Offer, I paid a total of $15.48 for all of that water you see above. (Note: Nestle owns a ton of brands so there is A LOT to choose from including many waters and teas.) The 50% off deal is good on up to $50, so if you really wanted to you could purchase more for a lesser overall discount.

Canceling & More

Since I signed up with a recurring charge, I decided it would be a good idea to cancel. Thankfully they make that very easy too. You do have to call (as far as I can tell), but it took me less than 1 minute on the phone to cancel my account. Now my wife can get an account of her own as well! 😉


This offer isn’t going to make me rich, but I am saving a ton of money on a product I love and I don’t even need to go to the store to get it! Amex Offers like this one remind me that it is always a good idea to browse through that list of smaller deals to see if there is something that can benefit you. You might be surprised at what you find!

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  1. Hey Shawn,

    Did this originally code as “DEAR PARK SPRING WATERS CO”? I just purchased deer Park sparkling spring water, real brewed ice tea, and Poland spring water, but it coded as that and I did not get the usual email from Amex saying the Amex Offer was triggered.

    • My charge originally showed up as POLAND SPRING WATER COMPANY but after the order was delivered, it was re-coded to READY REFRESH BY NESSTAMFORD CT.

  2. thx shawn, great deal for perrier; even w/o the amex $15 credit offer, the 50% off $4 less than costco’s $4 off periodic offer

  3. @Shawn– My pending charge shows “POLAND SPRING WATER COMPANY”.. so it didn’t trigger the Amex Offer email. Any idea it the charge posts differently?

  4. you didn’t mention that you also can get $50 for referring someone to do their first order of water through this deal

  5. I did one time delivery and didn’t see an extra charge. Maybe it varies by location. I got a $2.40 State Bottle Redemption Fee though 🙁


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