New Chase Offer: 30% Back at Staples! Includes Gift Cards & Stack for up to 39.5% Off! [Targeted]


Staples Chase Offer

Staples Chase Offer

Chase Offers is still a relatively new program, but one that has shown some promise. While we haven’t had any truly homerun deals, there is definitely some value. Today’s targeted Staples deal is a great example of that. Let’s take a look!

The Staples Chase Offer

Earn 30% back on your Staples purchase with a $19 back maximum.

Staples Chase Offer

Key Terms

  • Expires 1/24/2019
  • Valid one-time only
  • Offer not valid on third party purchases
  • Credit appears on your statement within 14 business days

How to Load the Staples Chase Offer

If you are targeted, then this offer will show up on the Chase Offers section of your account. The easiest way to find your offers is to use the Chase app and select a credit card account. Once in the account you’ll see the available offers towards the bottom.


This is a great deal, especially considering gift cards are not excluded. Given the $19 limit, a purchase of $63.35 will max out the offer, but there is potential to do even better. Look below!

Stack with 10% Offer?

There is an additional Staples offer for 10% back with a maximum of $6 cashback. On one of my cards I have both offers loaded and available. I suspect that I’ll be able to double dip and combine both offers. Buying a $63.35 gift card should earn me $19 cashback from the first offer and $6 cashback from the second. If it works, that would amount to a 39.5% discount!


It’s always nice when a bank adds value to your already existing relationship. While I only have these offers on one card (I do have the 10% offer on a few cards), it’s still a nice little Christmas gift!


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  1. My wife also got a 30% back at Dick’s Sporting Goods and then a ton of 15% hotel (IHG/Marriott). I have none of them across my 4 cards. She just has the CSR. Ugh. Free $ is nice though.

  2. I think what I noticed that all cards where I redeemed Lowe I got this 30% staples offer as well on top of 10%
    Not sure if there is correlation but obersvation

  3. Can anyone confirm that the offers do stack? I have both offers on a card but currently out of the country. Someone on another forum said they had a similar offer on Panera Bread (a 30% and %10 CB) but only one was activated when they made a purchase – not sure if that a one time thing or otherwise

  4. >>> I suspect that I’ll be able to double dip and combine both offers.>>>

    I have yet to read any confirmation of stacking that worked. One DP I read about two Paneras offers where the OP hoped it’ll stack and give rebates for both offers got only one, which was the first one activated. I will be disappointed if the 10% = $6 will kick in and I have no intention of using it so I’ll wait for it to expire on 12/31 and buy on 1/1 to ensure the 30% offer kicks in. Several cards have the 30% Staples offer.

  5. It’s strange that this deal is shared and its mentioned that it may potentially stack but no one reports about it stacking or otherwise

  6. As a data point: I had both the 30% and the 10% offer loaded to my Unlimited. I ordered 2 e-gift cards totaling $65 and I received an email today saying that I am getting credited for the 30% only.

    • Thanks for the DP Amy. I am sad they don’t stack. Do you mind sharing what E-gift card brand you ordered?

  7. I ordered a $50 Bed, Bath, and Beyond and a $15 Applebee’s because they were 2 I knew I needed. I was excitedly waiting to see if they stacked and so bummed they didn’t. But I think the fact that I can load the deals to multiple cards can be more valuable to me in the long run.


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