Come See the new Citi Cards Homepage – What a Vast Improvement!


new citi cards homepage

New Citi Cards Homepage

Citibank’s website has long been terrible. Lets start with the fact that my Hilton & Business cards cannot share a login with my other cards. Whats up with that? They also made it very difficult to see your awards balances and things generally didn’t work well.

Today when I logged into my account, I noticed the screen is fresh and nice and new! Not only that, but in this redesign they made everything easy to find from the homepage. Want to see your FICO, it is there on the top right. All of the accounts are displayed and the balances and limits are much easier to see.

For me though the biggest improvement is the rewards information. While they still don’t display your AAdvantage balance properly, all of your points are displayed on the right side of the screen. Previously they were hidden towards the bottom.

new citi cards homepage
When you login they have a link to this tour of the new design.

Only the Accounts Page for Now

Unfortunately this redesign only affects the homepage. Right now when you click into an account or go to view transactions it reverts back to the way things were. With that said, if this is the direction their design team is going in, then I am certainly hopeful. It is a vast improvement.

I’m not sure if this is rolling out or is live for everyone, but all four of my family’s logins have the new design! Enjoy.

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  1. Has Citi finally incorporated business card accounts in its normal Citi login onine and with its app? This shortcoming is pretty embarrassing for Citi if you ask me. Even BofA, and Chase, Amex have had this for eons.

  2. Does anyone else have trouble downloading pdf’s of the account statements from citi? I see the link on the homepage, but when I go there pdf is not one of the file options to choose for the download. Thanks

      • Yes I have it…. I have several Citi credit cards and for one of them it shows the PDF option, but as soon as I try to select it is not shown as an option (I am presented with Quicken, CSV, etc, not PDF). FOr the otehr accounts from the same screen, it works fine..

    • No. Citi doesn’t allow Hilton and AA cards to be on the same login, so my wife and I each have two. We used to have more when we had business cards since they also need a separate login.


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