Newegg Gift Card Sale; Save At Nike & Steak’n Shake

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Newegg Gift Card Sale

Newegg Gift Card Sale

Newegg has brought back two gift card deals for Nike and Steak’n Shake.

The Deals

How to Maximize

Use a credit card that will get you at least 2% cashback. Even better if you have the AT&T Access More card thet will give you 3x TYP. Also go through a shopping portal to get an additional 2% back, such as the Chase UR Portal.


This is a good opportunity to get discounted gift cards for personal use. There’s also a reselling angle to the Nike deal, but selling rates have fallen lately and you’ll just earn portal and credit card points.


  1. The Steak N Shake is limit 3 (FYI). My kids love SNS and we go on the weekends (kids eat somewhat free) and if you have the app, every $50 you save $5 (plus you can buy cheap gift cards [even from the marketplace] and then load them to the app [eliminates fraud]).


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