The Hits Keep Coming: No More Amazon Gift cards at GameStop

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The Hits Keep Coming: No More Amazon Gift cards at GameStop

It’s often possible to buy discounted GameStop gift cards through different sales. The reason why they are popular is because GameStop sells Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are rarely discounted anywhere.

Many GameStop locations allowed you to purchase Amazon gift cards with GameStop gift cards, hence giving you a nice discount on Amazon purchases.

That seems to have all ended a few days ago. Miles per Day reports that Gamestop stores are no longer allowed to accept their own gift cards for Amazon gift card purchases. Registers have been hardcoded to block these transactions. Amazon cash has also been blocked.


Yes another hit for those who relied on this method to get Amazon discounts. There were signs that GameStop was getting more strict recently, but now it’s all over. Definitely not a good week.

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  1. Is this really new? I could swear that buying third party G/C with Gamestop G/C stopped working last year. I was loading up on Netflix cards until that no longer worked.
    Must have looked at ten different stores trying to find interesting trade ups before settling on Netflix. Don’t recall seeing Amazon, but there are already a number of ways to get discounts there. Used my last few cards for resale, improves the margins dramatically. Sears and Toys ‘r Us were better trade up spots.


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