Chase & Amex Shutdowns, Caesars Diamond Changes, Uber Lawsuit & Amex Waiving Annual Fees

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Here are our 5 most viewed posts from the previous month.  This only includes articles written and posted in the month of November.  Any expired deals or promos will not be included either.

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Changes

Caesars Rewards Making Changes To Diamond Status For 2020 

Caesars Rewards made a couple of positive changes to their Diamond program.  After gutting the program of its value over the last few years that added a few small aspiration level type perks back.  But it is nowhere close to what they took. Hopefully the easy status match with Wyndham stays around for next year though.

American Express Waives Fees For Military

American Express Waives Fees For Military Members & Spouses

Next on the list is a cool perk that American Express does for Military members and their spouses.  They waive the annual fees on all of their cards, even the $550 Platinum. Other credit card issuers do similar things but I think Amex offers the most.

chase shut downs

When Targeted Offers Backfire: Rumblings of Chase Shut Downs

People thought that the black star offers were safe since they are supposed to be outside the 5/24 rule.  It appears that Chase may still check your application history with these offers like they do with all recent applications. If you were shut down there is still hope, Ryan was able to beat a Chase shutdown.

Uber Sued Over Cancellation fees

I can see the cancellation issues from the rider and driver’s perspective.  I have cancelled in the past if the driver doesn’t move or respond for 3-4 minutes. It is an annoying set up and I expect Uber to end up paying out in this instance. They have been kicked out of London for doing shady things there as well.

Another Round of Amex Shut Downs?

November was the month of shut downs and clawbacks it appears.  They have been all over the Saks and Dell credits too over the last month. Clawing back for gift card purchases or for pairing it with an Amex offer. There don’t appear to be many blurred lines anymore with Amex.

That’s A Wrap!

Well that does it for November 2019. Let me know in the comments which article you liked best.


  1. Uber was stupid to change the cancellation window from 5->2 minutes. Because it means I have a short leash when it comes to arrival time. If I don’t see a driver moving pronto I am forced to Cancel and often just switch to Lyft. And then there are the drivers who Game the system and just sit in place and wait for you to cancel and collect the fee. Many people probably don’t even contest the junk fees so good to see a class action.


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