Think You Travel A Lot? Here Is A Map of President Obama’s Travels in 2014!

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Obama travel map
My travels in 2013.

President Obama’s 2014 Travel Map

Even before I was a full time blogger, I loved to map out my travels at the end of every year. A few weeks ago I shared my 2014 travel map, which I thought was pretty good and my 2013 travels are shown above as well.

While it is no secret that President Obama travels a lot, the Washington Post has decided to map out his travels for 2014. The result is quite interesting. Of course the President’s map makes mine look sad.

When looking at the map I am reminded of the times when I have hit the wall of fatigue while traveling. You know, the times when you just want to tap your feet together and suddenly be at home in your warm bed.

Of course the President travels in much more comfort than I do and technically does have his own bed with him on Air Force One, but I still think all of the traveling has to wear him down at some point.

Either way, head over to the Washington Post to see the entire map along with a monthly breakdown. As someone who loves to visualize travel, I find it fascinating!


  1. Anywhere there is a golf course 🙂 Sorry couldn’t resist.

    I’m sure someone like John Kerry does tons more travel. That would be more interesting I’d think.


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