Inside Flyer, AA Elite Fast Track to Panama, Miles to Cuba & Fun!


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I’m Gold after yesterday’s flights and will be Platinum after my flight to Panama. It will take another trip to Panama in November to get to Exec Plat.

Off to Cuba & Inside Flyer Content

This morning I am flying to Panama (working towards AA Exec Plat as part of the Elite Fast Track) and then on to Havana (Booked with Lifemiles & Singapore Krisflyer). I do have some cool content on deck for the couple of days I’ll be in Cuba, but internet is sporadic and expensive there, so I won’t be able to answer emails or comments on a regular basis.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Inside Flyer. In addition to my role as Managing Editor here at Miles to Memories & Senior Editor at Frequent Miler, I am also a blogging occasionally at Inside Flyer.

To date I have published a few articles that may be of interest to you. In addition there are over a dozen other awesome Bloggers who are contributing over there as well. You can find all of my articles here and check out all of the content on the Inside Flyer home page.

If I get a chance and have the access, I plan to post a mostly text account of my first impressions of Cuba and will also have follow up posts with more details about my experiences. Have a wonderful day and weekend and I’ll be back to respond and answer your questions on Sunday when I return to Panama!

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  1. The best of times Shawn. One of my largest areas of interest is the airport condition, amenities and procedures when compared to US and other international facilities.

    Is it a better experience there getting in and out or more of a hassle?

    Looking forward too your reports!

  2. I went to Cuba in 2000. It’s like stepping back in time.
    In those days (thanks to the US non-relationship), I had to ASK them to stamp my passport as an American.
    (By default, they didn’t since most Americans flew there illegally.)
    In my case, I was legal, so I had to ask them to stamp it.

  3. I went to Cuba a few years ago legally on a people to people tour. Like Kira I had to ask them to stamp my passport. It really is like stepping back in time. The three things I noticed the most were the crumbling buildings, classic cars everywhere and how few products the stores had. Definitely not like any other place I have visited. Definitely worth a visit before it changes and I want to go back to see it on my own.


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