Office Depot Guts Profitable Mastercard Deal, But It’s Still Alive…Sort Of

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Office Depot Pulls Mastercard Deal Mostly

All this week Office Depot/Officemax has been selling Mastercard gift cards at below cost. Any time someone will sell you a cash equivalent at below face value it’s time to pay attention. And indeed some people did.

Unfortunately yesterday some problems began to popup. Some members of our Facebook group reported that there were issues with some of the variable load Mastercard gift cards actually activating at the register. Then, sometime late in the afternoon, Office Depot seemingly shut down the promotion altogether.

Barely Alive

Thankfully that isn’t quite true. I have seen some reports from DoC and a few other people that the deal is still working in a limited way. I wouldn’t hold my breath that this will continue to be true. Here is what others have told me:

  • Single fixed value $200 cards appear to get the $15 discount for a $8.05 profit per transaction
  • Variable load cards do not get the discount

Given the overall difficulty of liquidating these cards I suspect this won’t be as popular for many of you, but it’s seemingly still alive. For more information on the original deal along with liquidation and earning options, see the original post.


  1. Appears that all that is required to get the $15 off is to purchase one
    $200 Mastercard. No gutting of the program……in actuality they made
    it a lot more profitable. It was a single value $200 card that worked for me.
    This was 5pm Mountain time Saturday

  2. 2×200 fixed value cards working still in Houston TX this morning. $398.90 the pair at the POS.
    Don’t forget to use Ebates in store too, and continually re-enable your CC to the ebates deal after each transaction. (Ebates is only good for Amex and Visa cc’s)

    But what’s this $8.05 profit per transaction? I don’t follow – are you assuming a 5% CB cc being used. Perhaps that’s it. I don’t have, and my Ink’s are maxxed out currently. Using SPG Biz Amex for 2x Mrriott points, not eth best – but best I can get currently – unless others can suggest a better plan.

    • How did you reenable after each transaction? My Ebates app keeps showing linked even I made any transaction. Can’t find a way to unlink and relink again in app

  3. Lots of activation issues this week whereby Ink card gets charged but MCGC does not get activated. I currently am in the middle of faxing in a bunch of stuff on 2 variable MCs that simply never got loaded even though receipt shows it was. Will update w results when Card Svcs responds to my multiple page fax.


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