Unadvertised Office Depot Visa Gift Card Deal: Profit + 5X!

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Office Depot Visa Gift Card Rebate

Office Depot Visa Gift Card Rebate

Our Senior Editor Mark was in Office Depot this afternoon and found a cool unadvertised Visa gift card sale. Let’s take a look at the details!

The Offer

  • Save $12 instantly when you buy $300 of specific category Visa gift cards.

Key Terms

  • Limit one (1) offer per household/business.
  • Discount applied at register.
  • Offer valid 5/26 – 6/01/19.
  • Offer valid in store on select Visa gift cards.

While the limit of 1 is probably hard-coded into the register, some stores will allow you to do multiple transactions. This varies from store to store and even sometimes from cashier to cashier!

The Math

You can purchase some of the category specific $200 Visa gift cards with a $4.95 fee. Generally the best option is to purchase 2 of the $200 Visa gift cards to maximize your spend amount.

When doing so, the math works out like this:

  • Cost of cards: $409.90
  • Minus instant rebate: -$12
  • Final cost: $397.90
  • Profit: $2.10


It is best to pay with a card that earns 5X at office supply stores such as a Chase Ink Cash/Plus. For example, a Chase Ink card would earn 1,990 Ultimate Rewards pointsAlternatively, an Amex SimplyCash Plus which earns 5% cashback at office supply stores would earn you $19.90 cashback.


Each of these types of Visa gift cards is limited to specific merchant categories. While some of them can be liquidated as pin-enabled debit cards, they will not work everywhere. Make sure you have a liquidation strategy at a participating merchant before buying any of these category specific cards.


While this isn’t quite as good as the $15 instant discount we saw last month, if you have a way to liquidate these category specific cards then this could be a good and profitable way to earn 5X.

Have a great evening!



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