A New Office Depot Visa Rebate Term, Enforcement of the Limit & A Possible Workaround


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Office Depot Visa Gift Card Rebate Terms

Office Depot and Officemax have started their very popular instant Visa gift card rebate today. I won’t rehash the full details of the deal since I covered them before, but there is something new that I wanted to cover. Today I went into a store and was able to catch the sign for the promotion. Here it is:

Office Depot Visa Gift Card Rebate Terms

The new terms now say “Limit 1 discount per household/business per day. While the “per household/business” language is not new the “per day” part is. This means that per the terms you are allowed to get one of these discounts per day.

Why Does This Matter?

Previous Visa gift card promotions were enforced differently at every store. For example some stores would only allow people to buy cards once per promotion. On the flip side many stores don’t enforce the rules at all. At least with this new language they are acknowledging that you can go once per day to get your cards. This is good, especially for people in areas without a lot of stores.

Is The Limit Enforced by the Register?

With previous Visa gift card rebates there was a limit of 2. During those promotions you could purchase $600 in cards in the same transaction and get $30 off. I tried a test purchase of $600 to see if somehow the discount wasn’t coded correctly, but it failed. The register only took off one discount.

Getting Around the Limit with Businesses

In the past I have confirmed with Office Depot that the “per household/business” language does mean that you can purchase more than one set of cards if you have more than 1 business. For example I have Chase Ink cards under two businesses. I have been successful buying two sets of cards because I can prove I am paying with business cards that are for different businesses.


I’m glad Office Depot has added the “per day” language since it takes a bit of the sting out of the new lower limit of 1. There are still plenty of ways to scale and do well with this promotion, but if you are limited to one strict store, now at least you can visit multiple times over the week to get your 5Xing on!

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  1. Today after picking up the $300 in VGCs, in a second transaction, I also purchased 2 variable load Visa Grocery Cards loaded to $200 max each. The Grocery cards were $4.95 each and coded for the $15.00 rebate. The cashier told me that the Movie, Style, and Dinning Visa cards also coded for the rebate. If you can use them, this is a better proposition. I was at an OfficeDepot. I also went to a local OfficeMax but they were out of the Grocery Cards. Charlotte, NC

  2. I bought 20 $200 variable visa gift cards in one day at Office max. I bought 10 $200’s today at same store (5 transactions of 2 $200’s). So the one per day is baloney.


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