NOW LIVE! Office Depot Visa Gift Card Deal!

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office depot visa gift cards

Office Depot Visa Gift Card Rebate

Office Depot and Officemax have a new profitable promotion this upcoming week with a discount on Visa gift card. Let’s take a look at the details.

The Offer

  • Save $15 instantly when you buy $300 of Visa Gift Cards.

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Key Terms

  • Limit one (1) offer per customer.
  • Discount applied at register.
  • Offer valid 4/8/18 through 4/14/18.
  • Offer valid in store on Visa Gift Cards only.

While the limit of 1 is probably hard-coded into the register, some stores will allow you to do multiple transactions. This varies from store to store and even sometimes from cashier to cashier!

The Math

You can purchase $200 Visa gift cards with a $6.95 fee.

Generally the best option is to purchase 2 of the $200 Visa gift cards. When doing so, the math works out like this:

  • Cost of cards: $413.90
  • Minus instant rebate: -$15
  • Final cost: $398.90
  • Profit: $1.10


It is best to pay with a card that earns 5X at office supply stores such as a Chase Ink Cash/Plus. For example, a Chase Ink card would earn 1,995 Ultimate Rewards pointsAlternatively, an Amex SimplyCash Plus which earns 5% cashback at office supply stores would earn you $19.95 cashback. But might be best to steer clear of gift card purchases with Amex cards.

Visa SavingsEdge will also save you 10%, up to $5.


Visa gift cards sold by Officemax/Office Depot are issued by Metabank and are pin-enabled. These cards should work fine to load Bluebird/Serve at Walmart and work many other places. For more detailed information on liquidating these cards, see: How To Liquidate Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards


This is probably the best deal you’ll see from Office Depot and OfficeMax. It’s a good way to add more Ultimate Rewards points to your account especially with many 5X opportunities drying up. Until tomorrow you can also get $10 off $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards.

Happy 5Xing!

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  1. Data point from Apr 9. Bought 2 $200 VGCs at Office Depot Apr 8. $15 discount applied. Went to Super Walmart in S FL Apr 9 and attempted to load active/working Bluebird using the Metabank (Kevlar) VGCs bought from OD mentioned above. Tried at the Ingenico POS swipe in the MoneyCenter, then at a Verifone POS in a regular lane. Both cashiers very friendly and knowledgeable, but in both cases the load was denied with response “debit not approved call authorizer” printed on tiny receipt both times. In both cases, I was prompted immediately to enter my PIN, so this is not related to the previously reported issue of needing to quickly mash “change payment” in order to get to the “debit” payment option to appear. Unless I’m missing something, I believe debit loads to BB are dead….if anyone out there has a recent successful gift card pin load at Walgreens or Dollar General to their Bluebird, your data points would be appreciated as a reply here. Last DP….I was able to use the OD VGC mentioned here to buy a M.O. at the same Super Walmart using the exact same Ingenico POS that previously declined the BB load. SWM recently moved their fee on MOs to $.88 which is essentially the same as my local grocer, so I’ll never return to this SWM again as buying MOs are painful for many reasons.


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