Office Depot, Walmart, Jet, HP & More! Expiring Amex Offers & How to Maximize Them


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Maximizing Amex Offer Expiring July 31, 2017

Maximizing Amex Offer Expiring July 31, 2017

The end of the month is coming quickly and with it is the expiration of quite a few decent Amex Offers. I thought it might be a good idea to quickly go through which offers are expiring and hopefully help you determine if they are worth pursuing. Let’s take a look. Amex Offer

The Offer

$10 credit with a $50+ purchase. More info.


Walmart is having an online clearance right now and there is definitely some value if you look hard enough. While gift cards are the easy way to go, good luck getting more than a handful of orders approved. I buy thousands of dollars from Walmart online and still have only been able to get one gift card order approved. So much potential wasted. Amex Offer

The Offer

$25 credit with a $125+ purchase. More info.


Jet is owned by Walmart and similarly has strict fraud protections. I was able to buy 3 sets of Nike gift cards with their now OOS bonus promo. Jet does carry a lot of other gift cards too but finding merchandise could be a good way to go to avoid the fraud police.

Office Depot/Officemax Amex Offer

The Offer

$10 credit with a $50+ purchase in-store or online. More info.


I personally am going to be making a visit to my local Officemax today to pickup some gift cards. You can either purchase merchant cards at 20% off or split payment and go for a Visa gift card. For example splitting payment across 4 Amex cards on a $200 Visa could net a $33.05 profit.

HP Amex Offer


$50 credit with a $250+ purchase. More info.


HP gift cards are quite valuable and a 20% discount off of face value can be profitable. Unfortunately these cards aren’t the quickest movers and the percentage you can sell at has fallen due to this offer. If you can hold the cards for awhile you can probably make a nice profit or sell them now for a modest profit and the points.

Upwork Amex Offer

The Offer

$100 credit with $200+ purchase. More info.


Unless you have already hired someone then this probably won’t work. Still, use this as a reminder to get your person paid by tomorrow to cash in that nice 50% discount.

Bottom Line

There is definitely some cash (and points) to be made with these offers, but given the merchants, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Which offers are you jumping on before the expiration? Share your experiences in the comments!

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  1. I added the Walmart offer to two Amex cards. I used it on one and after it went through the offer disappeared from the other card. 🙁

  2. I had a lot of problems with Walmart too. I finally figured out the solution. Order an egift card (you can set up a new account with different email). It will almost certainly be cancelled. Go to the Help section and select Contact Start a chat re: Orders/Need assistance with Orders. Enter your info and tell them your order was canceled but all the CC info was correct. They will ask for your billing address and then say try and reorder in 30 minutes. Afterwards, you never get a cancellation again. I always wait until the email is delivered to order another. Use multiple emails/accounts if necessary.


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