$15 Off $300 or More in Mastercards at Officemax – Act Fast for Free Money & 5X Points!

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officemax mastercard free points aug15

Free Money & Points at Officemax!

Officemax currently has an unadvertised deal for $15 off $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards. The deal began yesterday and runs through 8/8/15. While it isn’t advertised in their circular, I was able to find a sign in my local Officemax store advertising the special.

The Deal

officemax mastercard free points aug15

Save $15 instantly off $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards with a limit of 1 per household/business.

My Experience

Since Office Depot doesn’t sell Mastercards, this deal appears to be available only at Officemax. I was able to go to my local store and confirm that the discount is taken off instantly. I purchashed 2 x $200 cards and the total came to $398.90.

If you find a friendly cashier you should be able to do multiple transactions as long as they allow it. I didn’t try purchasing more than $400 in one transaction to see if more than one discount applied, since the published limit is 1.

Which Cards to Use

Obviously the best cards to use for a deal like this are the Chase Ink cards since they earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points at Officemax. Purchasing $400 in Mastercard gift cards will generate $1.10 in profit plus 1,995 Ultimate Rewards points. The Amex SimplyCash also earns 5% at office supply stores if you have one.

Amex Offer & Splitting Payments

If you were lucky enough to get in on the recent Officemax Amex Offer, you may be able to split payment across multiple Amex cards, however I have had mixed success with this. Today at my local Officemax the split tender failed multiple times, so I just ended up paying with my Ink card.

I have had this happen before at other stores, however I have also had success at Office Depot in the past. I am not saying it is impossible, but just be prepared for the possibility that you may not be able to.

Finding Cards in Stock & Liquidating

This deal is just now breaking publicly, so you may have luck finding cards in stock if you head out today. Usually as these deals go on the cards disappear quickly. Don’t expect $200 cards to stick around for more than a day or two in most locations.

These cards are issued by US Bank and can easily be liquidated to REDbird at Target or Bluebird/Serve at a Walmart kiosk. If you liquidate at a Walmart register, you must quickly hit the change tender button which is a bit complicated. The pin number should be in the package.

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One of the reasons I don’t pay full price for Visa gift cards at Staples is because I try to fully take advantage of deals like these ones. While this isn’t as profitable as the deal earlier this year on Visas, it is better than the Staples rebates and provides a relatively easy way to generate points at a negative cost. Happy shopping!

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  1. Thank you! Grabbed the only two (2) $200 MCs at my local OMX. Because these are pin-enabled, there is no trouble loading them onto REDbird?

  2. My nearest OM recently (within the last few days) installed new register software as part of their merger with OD. The clerk and assistant manager initially couldn’t figure out how to split the transaction using the new system. The key was to ring in the entire amount, swipe the first card, then press “no” on the customer’s screen when the register asked if that amount was correct. The clerk could then enter the first amount, and after signing for the first split, run the second card.

    • Thanks for that. My store couldn’t figure it out and then the manager said only 1 credit card per transaction. I of course know it isn’t true, but you can’t really fight with the manager. 🙁

    • The manager and cashiers of the OM/OD I go to are very friendly. They don’t make a fuss over requests for split tender. Here is how I did it for the $10 credit(s) when you spend $50 amex sync offer.

      Bought one $200 VGC and told clerk I will be paying with 5 CCs. Okay…

      total came up to $206.95

      Swipe first amex CC. following screen asks do you want to pay $206.95 on this card? Y/N. Press NO and told cashier to charge $50 on it. cashier keys in the amount. on my screen, I’m asked again $50 charged on this card? I now press YES and subtotal goes down. Did this on remaining three amex CCs until all that’s left is the $6.95 fee which I now charged to my Ink card so it’ll earn 5%. When asked if I want full 6.95, I press YES since this is the last card and final total comes up to zero balance.

      so 4 x $50 = $200, got (4) $10 credited to each amex card used plus 5% on the fee of 6.95

    • Remember that is considered shoplifting if they catch you. I’m not judging, just pointing it out for others in case they are considering whether to do it or not.

  3. That’s interesting. I was encouraged — it was SUGGESTED to me (I’d never thought of it) — to take a few Vanilla Visas from one Town Pump to another that had run out. The clerk said, “They don’t cost us anything, and they are worthless until they are activated, so take a few to your store.”

  4. I’m with Shawn. Taking cards from one store for purchase at another is questionable at best. It just isn’t worth the risk or embarrassment of getting called out.

    • And I have actually had some conversations with store managers who very plainly told me that those cards are inventoried and that it is chain policy (I won’t say which chain) to consider removing unactivated gift cards as shoplifting.

  5. I’ve had problems in the past with liquidating MC GCs (from Staples, I think) into BB. I ended up having to do them in $49.99 increments. Have not had problems with VISA GCs. Does anyone know why this would happen? Has anyone loading these OM MCs into BB successfully? Thanks!

    • These work fine at the kiosk, but if you are loading at the register, you have to click “Change Payment Type” really quickly or else it will process as debit. I successfully did 5 x $200 cards earlier today at a kiosk without any issues and have done them many other times before.

  6. Good deal for those willing to invest in the PITA factor w/ these office stores and buying gift cards. Around my area I’ve all but given up as it’s just not worth the headache and high failure rate causing wasted time. If you have a good store nearby then this could be a good deal.

    • I don’t see why not; have done it in the past with the Visa rebate extravaganza in May with no issues at all.

  7. How do you add a PIN to these MC cards? I had trouble at the WM register (no working kiosk in my region) with both these $200 MC and the $100 VISA ones. The MC did not ask for a PIN and there was no opportunity to hit the yellow button to chance the transaction type. With the VISA it asked for a PIN but would not allow it to be set on first entry.

  8. How do I enable a PIN on these MC and earlier VISA cards from OM/OD? They don’t seem to allow the PIN to be set on first use. I did register them but there was no option to set a PIN. Thanks!

  9. @tk: I am not sure about the MC from OM because I have not been able to get my hands on them yet. For Vanilla Visa cards from OD, the first time you use it as a debit card, you just enter any 4 digits numbers. Those numbers will be the PIN for the card. I liquidated the $100 and $200 Vanilla Visa cards at Target using Redbird. You can also liquidated them at Walmart using Kate, but you can only load at most $49.99 per load. It is a PITA to load at Walmart if you have 10 $100-$200 cards.

    • @umc: I had to call the number on the back for both of the MC and VISA cards to set the PIN. Registering them did not allow a “set PIN” at fist swipe. They were from two different banks.

      Also, I can confirm the the OM MC cards could be purchased at 3@$200 and get $30 back but $900 in MC cards only got a $30 credit as well. Several of the local OM still had stock today.

      I used to use VR cards to reload my Bluebird so am just figuring out how to do it now with physically going to a WM. I had stocked up on VR cards before they disappeared. More work but still worth it.

  10. Officemax currently has an unadvertised deal for $15 off $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards. Since Office Depot does not sell Mastercards, this deal appears to be available at Officemax only.


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