Upgrade to Long-Haul Business Class on Select Airlines for up to 75% Off!


optiontown business class upgrade

Up to 75% Off Business Class Upgrades

While flying up front using miles is a common goal for many of us, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes we fly with relatives or on business and end up in coach on long haul paid flights. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to fly up front on those flights, one company has aimed to help airlines sell their excess seats cheaply.

Optiontown is a service that works with a handful of airlines to bring customers very cheap upgrades to the next class of service. Here is the list of airlines they work with:

  • Adria Airways
  • Aeromexico
  • Air India
  • Air Asia X
  • Biman Bangladesh
  • Insel Air Aruba
  • InselAir
  • SAS
  • Vietnam Airlines
optiontown business class upgrade
SAS angle lie flat business class seat. Courtesy of Mrs. PDX Deals Guy

So as you can see it isn’t the most comprehensive list, but there are a few big airlines on there like Vietnam, SAS, Air India and Aeromexico.

How to Check Upgrades

To see how much an upgrade would cost for your upcoming flight, simply visit Optiontown and input the airline and PNR and they will show you which options are available. Costs vary depending on the airline, how full the flight is and the distance of the flight.

A Recent Experience on SAS

optiontown business class upgrade

Recently Mrs. PDX Deals Guy was able to use Optiontown on her flights between Chicago and Copenhagen on SAS. She was traveling with two family members and all three were able to secure the upgrade for $194 each going and $187 each coming back. That is a fantastic price for an upgrade from coach on a flight of that length.

Now SAS Business Class isn’t the fanciest product in the world. The seats are angle flat, but Mrs. PDX Deals Guy said, “The meal and selected wines, etc were very nice.” It definitely looks like a very nice step up from coach and at about $190, I can’t think of many people who would turn it down.

optiontown business class upgrade
SAS Business class. Courtesy of Mrs. PDX Deals Guy.


This is one of those informational posts that you should file away in the back of your mind. You never know when you might find yourself on one of these airlines and if it would make sense to get a cheap upgrade. In this case for less than $400 roundtrip, Mrs. PDX Deals Guy was able to enjoy a much nicer and comfortable in-flight experience on a relatively long flight.

As someone who has suffered through too many long haul flights in coach, I welcome services like this and hope they get more airlines on board! Have you ever used Optiontown? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. No upgrade for awards – from the terms:

    Upgrade of the following passengers cannot be performed:

    Travel Pass passengers
    Groups (booking class G)
    Passengers holding award tickets (booking classes I and X)
    ID-passengers (booking classes R and N)

    • Million dollar question! I looked at their website and FAQs, did not see mention of award tickets. Would love to know this..

    • With regards to the Award ticket question, we might have to wait until someone has an award ticket and inputs their information. If anyone has one out there, it doesn’t hurt to do it; it’s only a offering price for an upgrade.


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