How to Avoid Passing Out on An Airplane Due to Wearing 12 Layers of Clothing

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Passenger Passes Out Easyjet
Photo by Christopher Doyle.

Passenger Passes Out Easyjet

Several UK media sources are reporting that a 19 year old Scottish boy band member passed out on an Easyjet flight from London’s Stansted Airport to Glasgow. The reason he passed out during the flight was heat exhaustion brought on by wearing 12 layers of clothing.

You see, James McElvar decided to wear all of his clothing instead of paying £45 for the extra luggage. Apparently once told that he had to pay, he put on “six t-shirts, four jumpers, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of jogging bottoms, a pair of jackets and two hats” according to the Daily Mail.

Even though James tried to take off much of the clothing once the flight took off, it was too late. He became ill and eventually passed out before being treated by on an off duty paramedic on board. Thankfully he is alright, although his body temperature had reached dangerous levels.

This Doesn’t Surprise Me

I have flown both Easyjet and Ryanair in Europe multiple times and I can’t tell you how many people I have seen do exactly what James did. They think they can sneak by with extra luggage and then try to wear the excess. The problem with sneaking by is that I believe Easyjet pays commissions to agents who find bags that are charged at the gate.

How to Avoid This

Read your tickets. Know what is included. Factor in any baggage fees into your overall ticket price. Finally, if you are a 19 year old boy band member, you find a new manager who pays for the bag fee. You can find the full details of what happened in this Daily Mail article.

A Stunt?

Oh and one more thought. Now that I see how much attention this has gotten, could it all be a stunt? Wouldn’t surprise me. In fact, the article says the other band members were on the flight before he put the clothes on, so why is there a photo of him all piled on? Yes it could have been recreated later, but that photo is being distributed by the band. Even if it isn’t a stunt, they are taking advantage of the publicity. An interesting story either way.


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