(Targeted) $50 PayPal Referral Bonus Offer – $10 Per Friend

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PayPal Referral Bonus Offer

(Targeted) $50 PayPal Referral Bonus Offer – $10 Per Friend

PDX Deals Guy received a pretty enticing PayPal referral bonus offer.  I assume it is targeted since I don’t think anyone else at Miles to Memories got it.  If you did receive the offer then this is easy money in your pocket.

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PayPal Referral Bonus Offer Details

Here is how you can get $50 with the offer:

  • Send 1 cent now to a friend who doesn’t have PayPal via their email address.
  • When your pal signs up to PayPal, links their bank account or card, and sends or spends at least $5, you can both get ten bucks!
  • Plus you can do this with 5 friends so you could get up to $50. Ends October 10th. Terms apply.

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Final Thoughts

I wish I had been targeted for this offer.  If you were you should see it in your email with the subject: You can get $50 by referring up to 5 friends.  This should be pretty easy to hit.  I am sure everyone has some family and friends that don’t have PayPal yet or can figure out other ways to get it done as well.

Let us know if you were one of the selected ones!


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