Blocked: No More Mortgage Payments on Plastiq with Visa

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You will need to use a Mastercard or other non-Visa credit card to pay mortgage payments on Plastiq going forward.

Plastiq Mortgage Payments with Visa Blocked

One of the more popular way to earn miles/points is by paying the bills you already have. Some payees make it easier than others by accepting credit cards while others like banks won’t allow you to use a credit card directly.

Plastiq bridges that gap and allows you to earn rewards at merchants who don’t accept credit cards. Since mortgage payments are often one’s biggest expense, many people use Plastiq to pay their mortgage with a credit card in order to earn rewards. Depending on the card used, the rewards can more than offset the fee that Plastiq charges.

Unfortunately it now looks like you won’t be able to pay your mortgage via Plastiq with a Visa card any longer. According to Redbluefire on Reddit Plastiq said the following:

VISA has just informed Plastiq that use of a VISA card for mortgage will no longer be supported via Plastiq and will not process going forward. I’m very sorry for this. only use of another card type such as MasterCard, Amex, Discover or even VISA debit will allow your future mortgage payments to process using Plastiq. We are complying with recent directives from VISA regarding not allowing mortgage payments via use of a VISA card with Plastiq.

If you currently have have mortgage payments scheduled, they apparently will process normally. If you make any changes to your scheduled mortgage payments, then they will not go through.


Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come and thankfully for now you still have more options outside of Visa cards for mortgage payments. With that said, I know a lot of people used Visa cards to pay mortgages on Plastiq so this does sort of stink.


  1. When will it show up as not going through. I was looking to make a rent payment and got to the final screen without any sort of warning. If a warning does not pop up at that point am I good to go or will it decline it after i click submit?

    • I’m not sure, but I would guess Visa is blocking the transactions so it probably won’t go through. There is also a chance it could process as a cash advance so make sure to lower your cash advance limit.

  2. The post says that mortgage payments already scheduled will continue to go through. Does anyone know if these are still getting coding as travel for Sapphire Reserve? I have another three payments scheduled but will cancel them if I’m not going to get 3x points.

  3. aaand… this is why we cant have nice things. not even mediocre things…

    also, i blame everything on shawn. haha jk.

  4. I haven’t been able to use some VGCs via Plastiq the last three or four times I’ve tried. That includes both Metabank- and US Bank-issued cards. Admittedly I’m new to the service and unaware of a way to differentiate between using them as debit cards (presumably vs credit cards) when trying to unload them. Any help in that regard would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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