(New People Targeted) Plastiq Has Multiple Promos Ongoing, Which Means Easy Points!

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Plastiq Promos

Multiple Targeted Plastiq Promos Currently Ongoing

There are a few different targeted Plastiq promos currently ongoing that can lead to some very nice opportunities.  Plastiq is a company that lets you pay bills with your credit card that you normally could not.  They are a useful tool for racking up points and they can even be very beneficial to your business.  They recently unlocked some features for Visa cards and even gave us this handy dandy chart to simplify things.

UPDATE 10/9 – According to DoC there have been more offers sent out for 3 payments at 1.5%.  You must use them by 10/27.

Current Promos

Personal Plastiq Account Welcome Offer

If you have never had Plastiq and are interested in trying it the you can get $500 in fee free dollars after you spend $500 with them using our referral link. That will allow you to pay a $500 bill without paying any type of fee for it.  If the bill is over $500 you will simply pay a fee for anything above and beyond $500.

Business Plastiq Account Welcome Offer

If you were willing to give Plastiq a try for your business then there is a new account bonus of $5,000 fee free dollars.  This offer is ongoing until September 30, 2019:

You can find the full terms of the promo at the bottom of the promo page. This is a great deal that gives businesses a chance to try out the service (and earn rewards) without having to pay. If you don’t want to schedule a call you can just sign-up normally, but you won’t get that $5K in fee-free spend.

Plastiq Promos

Current Customer Targeted Promos

For current customers there are a few targeted promos floating around that you should be aware of:

  • Your next 3 payments will have a reduced 1.5% fee.
    • You must use them by 10/27.

Final Thoughts

There are some pretty good offers coming out from Plastiq and I think they will be rolling out even more come quarter 4.  With these promotions paying the fees can make sense since the awards will outweigh the cost.  If you own a business I think going after the $5,000 in Fee Free Dollars is a pretty amazing deal.



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