Power Problems!


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I just wanted to let everyone know that the power adapter for my laptop has died.  This means that I cannot charge the laptop’s battery or run it off of the wall outlet.  Effectively, the computer is useless until I find another adapter.  I am going to attempt to get one tomorrow, but until I find one, it will be impossible for me to continue the updates. Don’t worry though, this shouldn’t set me back more than a couple of days.  Before too long, you will have plenty to read!  In the mean time, keep the emails and comments coming.  We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read our blog.

The Coomer Family

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  1. Hi. Just wanted to let you know again how much I enjoy ‘keeping up’ with all of you. Also, my daughter now works at the elementary school here in Caliente, NV and she is doing the summer program. One of her things to do is a Social Studies project for the students. Just wanted to let you know that part of her curriculum will be visiting your blog. What a wonderful way for young children to learn! So, thank you and I look forward to you getting that adapter fixed. It’s wonderful that you are sharing your travels with so many. Keep on trekking and I’ll ’see’ you soon. Char

  2. Thanks Char. That sounds great with your daughter’s class! I am really glad that you are enjoying the updates. Getting feedback like yours really makes all of the hard work worth it. I hope to see you soon. If your daughter has any questions tell her to drop me a line!

  3. G’Day guys,

    I found your travel diary through Theme Park Review and have enjoyed immensely reading about and discovering things through your travels. I am in Adelaide, South Australia and am off to America for 6 months in a few weeks. Lots of theme parks for me to!

    Happy safe travels and thanks for the time and effort you put in to keeping the rest of the world informed of your adventures!


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