More Problems with Mastercard Gift Cards

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Problems with Mastercard Gift Cards

More Problems with Mastercard Gift Cards

We have seen some issues in the past with Mastercard gift cards. That’s one of the reasons why people prefer Visa gift cards, besides the easier options for liquidation. But now there’s some new reports, that points to a different issue with these gift cards.

Multiple people have reported that when swiping Mastercard Gift Cards at checkout, they get a “not authorized” message on payment screen. But funds are still taken out of the card. The issues were reported on reddit.

The data points show that Mastercard gift cards from Staples, Safeway, Dollar Geenral and Korger are having the same problem. Clearly not all gift cards are having issues, but there’s enough data points to raise concerns.


Personally I have purchases Mastercard Gift Cards from Staples and Stop & Shop and haven’t had any of these problems. But it’s good to be aware of these possible issues and if you have the option, you should probably go for Visa gift cards instead. It’s a major hassle to try and figure out how to get your fund back.


  1. 3-Staples $200’s in SC, What’s the best plan of attack. I hate to call credit card company and put eyes on my INK card???

  2. Yes, I have had 3 $200 cards with funds taken off, only at Publix. I even had the cashier void a transaction which should have put the funds back on one of them, but it didn’t. I’ve prepayed my electric and insurance bills with the rest of them. That seems to work.


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