Something Was Taken From My Room – A Follow Up


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Radisson Blu Royal Brussels

Something Taken in Brussels

A few weeks ago I wrote about my recent experience at the Radisson Blu Royal Brussels. During that stay, a maid at the hotel took one of my items out of the room.

The item in question was a frequent flyer card which was left in the room to keep the power on so my computer could charge. It was lost when the maid took it out of the slot while cleaning.

I didn’t write about the experience until after dealing with the company, since I didn’t want my voice as a blogger to effect things. After writing to Carlson Rezidor, the hotel sent me a €100 gift card.

After receiving their response and the gift card, I wrote my original post about the situation. In it I mentioned that I was debating whether or not to contact them back since the gift card offered was region specific and thus not of much use to me.

Following the Original Post

In what is proof that the company was watching, two days after my post, I received a phone call from the manager of the hotel. Due to time differences, I was sleeping during the call, but the manager also followed up with an email.

To make a long story short, the manager apologized for the issue and offered to refund the points I used for the stay in lieu of the gift card. To me, this was a better solution and I accepted.

While I am not sure if my blog is the reason I received this resolution, they proactively contacted me after my first post, which means it probably played a part.

I know some people think this is a stupid complaint and others think I am stupid for leaving my card in the room. Either way I finally got a resolution I am happy with.

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  1. I am glad Club Carlson was able to help you, sorry they were not able to return your frequent flyer card. I wrote about visiting the Radisson Blu in Amsterdam and Rome before my trip and the Club Carlson social media team commented on my post. They do seem to read the travel blogs often. Happy holidays Shawn and Club Carlson 🙂


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