Buy Radisson Points Through 11/27 and Get 100% Bonus

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Radisson Offering 100% Bonus Points

First, let me start off by apologizing to the handful of Radisson fans who are likely to read this because I don’t know much of anything about Radisson.  Frequent Miler posted yesterday that Radisson is running a current promo where you can buy points and receive a 100% bonus. Their points are pretty cheap at just $7 for 1000 points.

There’s also a Hilton Honors points sale offering points at .05 cents a piece, which can sometimes make sense. Here’s a link to the sale but you should definitely check to see who’s offering the best rate on purchases.

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Key Details

  • Purchases must be made by November 27th.
  • The maximum amount of points that can be purchased through this sale is 40,000 (assuming you haven’t already purchased points this year) so you’ll end up with 80,000 after the bonus.

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I wish I could give you better guidance on whether this deal has value for Radisson loyalists but I’ve never stayed at one nor do I know many people who heavily utilize the program. It looks like award nights start at 9,000 Points, so on the low end you could be purchasing about 8 free nights.



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