Reflections On What You Taught Me Yesterday!


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Taupo, New Zealand.  So many of you shared your dreams of traveling to this beautiful country.
Taupo, New Zealand. So many of you shared your dreams of traveling to this beautiful country.

I just want to take  a moment to thank each and every person who visited Miles to Memories after reading our interview at Million Mile Secrets yesterday.  The feedback I received was tremendous and I truly enjoyed helping people and answering your questions.  I have some really interesting and unique posts coming up next week that I honestly feel will be helpful to many people.

My favorite part of the day was reading your comments on this post.  I am so glad that I asked you to share your dream travel destinations.  As I was reading your responses, my mind was spinning and I felt deeply inspired.  

I was surprised to learn that so many of you either have a trip planned to New Zealand or dream of going there.  It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and definitely a worthy recipient of your wanderlust.  We traveled through both islands in about six weeks in 2007.  If you are interested in learning more about where we visited, all of the posts pertaining to New Zealand can be found here.

The view of Queenstown, New Zealand from above.
The view of Queenstown, New Zealand from above.

The other interesting thing I learned yesterday is just how under served traveling families are in the miles and points world.  I plan to make it my mission to teach everyone how they can travel for almost free with their family. (I also travel solo sometimes, so if you don’t have a family yet, I can also teach you how to stretch your miles further.)

While I hadn’t given it much thought previously, your comments yesterday made me realize just how much headbanging went on in order for me to learn how to make this “game” work for my family.  Many times I would see a great post from someone or learn of a great trick, but it wouldn’t scale to allow all of us to travel.  Hopefully I can provide you with a lot of value by sharing my own experiences and knowledge.

I also want to remind you that the Amazon gift card contest is still open until 11:59pm PST tomorrow 1/5/2014.  All you have to do is leave a comment on yesterday’s post that describes your dream travel destination.  You can also earn an additional entry by following us on Twitter and tweeting us with the hashtag #MTM2014.

Please keep the questions and comments coming.  I am very happy to answer any and all questions that you have. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I was in total awe of your spending the night at the airport, especially on New Year’s eve! I’m new at this miles game and most of the blogs I skim through talk about first class trips. I’m happy to have come across your site. My husband and I are planning our first paid by miles trip this summer to Rio for the world cup. Happy travels!

    • Thanks Rocio! Your trip to Rio sounds great. I am sure the atmosphere there is going to be amazing during the World Cup.

      As for sleeping in airports, it isn’t my favorite thing to do, but the timing worked out that way, because we booked the trip four days ahead of time. Without miles and points the trip to Hawaii would have cost thousands of dollars to book at the last minute. It only cost us $15 plus cost of food and activities. If sleeping in an airport on New Year’s Eve is the sacrifice I have to make to get a trip to Hawaii, then sign me up! Plus it always gives us good stories to tell. I’m glad you like the site!


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