Regal Announces New Unlimited Moviepass Subscription Service: Full Details, Review & Is It Worth It?

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Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service Review

We have seen the movie membership wars heat up over the past couple of years with the rapid rise and fall of both Moviepass and Sinemia. Both of those services were founded outside of the movie space, however companies like Cinemark theaters have also (more successfully) thrown their hats into this new arena.

Now, another major movie subscription service has been launched and it is worth a look. Regal Cinemas just released the Regal Unlimited movie subscription service. Let’s take a look at this new service along with its quirks and decide whether it makes sense to join.

Regal Unlimited Review – What Is It?

Here is how Regal Cinemas describes their brand new movie subscription service:

With an annual Regal Unlimited™ subscription, you can watch as many movies as you want, as many times as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. Plus, get advance tickets as soon as they go on sale, enjoy 10% off all food and non-alcoholic beverages in theatre, and all the Regal Crown Club perks.

Regal Unlimited Cost

Similar to what we have seen with other movie subscription services, Regal Unlimited has multiple tiers, however all receive access to an unlimited amount of movies. The tiers determine which theaters you can visit. Here are the three tiers of the Regal Unlimited movie susbcription service along with the prices:

  • Low: Regal Unlimited – $18 per month plus tax ($216 annually)
  • Medium: Regal Unlimited Plus – $21 per month plus tax ($252 annually)
  • High: Regal Unlimited All Access – $23.50 per month plus tax ($282 annually)

Keep in mind that each of these tiers requires a one year commitment and you can upgrade to a more expensive tier via the phone (soon via app), however you cannot downgrade until after your year.

Regal Unlimited Tiers

As I mentioned above, each of the levels of Regal Unlimited add access to a different tier of movie theaters. Pay the highest price and you’ll be able to visit all 550+ Regal theaters. On the flip side for $18 a month you’ll only get access to about 200. The middle tier straddles the difference with 400 theaters for $21 per month.

In Las Vegas where I live there is one “luxury” Regal theater that is on the highest tier, whereas the majority of the theaters are in the middle tier. Out of the 11 theaters here only 2 are in the lowest tier with 8 being in the middle tier and that one high end theater standing alone. In more expensive markets (LA, NYC) expect to find almost all top tier theaters whereas in smaller/cheaper areas theaters should be on the lower tiers.

Check out Regal’s movie theater list to see where your local cinema falls.

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service

Regal Unlimited Perks

In addition to unlimited movies, Regal Unlimited gives you a few perks at the movie theater as well. Here are some of the perks of having a Regal Unlimited membership:

  • 10% off all food and non-alcoholic drink purchases
  • No blackout dates
  • Free large popcorn and soft drink on your birthday
  • Earn Regal Crown credits with every dollar spent using your Regal Unlimited subscription

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service

The Fees You’ll Pay

Despite having an unlimited subscription you may still have to pay some fees with Regal’s new service. Here are some of the Regal Unlimited potential fees you should know about:

  • $.50 per ticket convenience fee when purchasing in advance in the app
  • Varying surcharges for upgrades to any specialty showing (3D, 4DX, IMAX, etc.)
  • $1.50-$3 fee for visiting a Regal theater not included on your plan.

How to Get Tickets

Getting tickets with Regal Unlimited is done simply via their app. Reservations can be made in advance via the app or you can just buy tickets at the box office if you don’t want to pay that $.50 fee. Regal Unlimited allows up to 3 reservations at one time per subscription. You can also buy tickets for non-members when making your reservation.

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service


Despite having to be committed to one year, it is still always a good idea to know how cancellation works and that is especially true here considering Regal Unlimited has different rules for different plan types.

  • Annual Payment – If you pay your entire annual Regal Unlimited subscription cost up front then your plan will automatically cancel after one year
  • Monthly Payment – Your subscription will continue on indefinitely until cancelled

Need to Know

I have dug through the Regal Unlimited FAQs and terms to pull out some vital information I think you need to know about the new service. Here are some key takeaways about this new movie subscription service:

  • Subscriptions are open to individuals 16 years of age or older
  • You’ll need to provide a photo of yourself so they can ensure someone else doesn’t use your subscription
  • As mentioned before, each subscription has a non-cancelable term of one year
  • Recliners are not considered premium seating
  • Regal reserves the rights to exclude certain movies from this subscription so you may not be able to access all movies or to access popular movies when they first come out
  • You can see the same movie multiple times, however you can’t have overlapping tickets to movies you have already seen
  • You earn Crown Club points for your subscription fees paid, but do not receive a “Visit” in the program simply for using a ticket obtained with your membership

Find out more on the Regal Unlimited website.

Is Regal Unlimited A Good Deal?

As with everything, the answer as to whether or not this is a good deal will vary depending on your own situation. What I will say is that you should pay careful attention to the value received given the one year commitment. That is truly my one hesitation with signing up. I don’t know that I’ll watch so many movies every month for the year.

Currently I go to a theater a bit further away than the close Regals around my house since I can get matinee tickets for $6 and they have recliners in all of their theaters. Regal has 3 theaters within 3 miles of my house though and one has recliners. Going there is more convenient which is tempting, however I would need a mid-tier subscription.

In the end the value of Regal Unlimited will come down to ticket prices in your area along with how often you go to the movies and of course how convenient Regal Cinemas are to where you live/work/play. Understand the program and its rules and if those works for you then this ain’t a bad deal although I would pay annually (or set a reminder if monthly) to avoid having to cancel.

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service – Bottom Line

The Regal Unlimited movie subscription service is compelling and I really like that it offers an unlimited experience compared to other more restrictive offerings from Cinemark & AMC. With that said, you are locked into a one year commitment and this plan simply won’t be for everyone.

Do you have the Regal Unlimited movie subscription service? What has your experience been like with the program? What do you think of this new program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I have the AMC A-list (which I really like) the only downside is I have to drive half an hour to get to the theater. If Regal had the same rules I would sign up in a heartbeat. There seem to be too many restrictions & having gone through that with movie pass, I think I’ll pass.

      • The unlimited feature is great, especially if you want h more than three movies a week. But if you like 3D or IMAX, expect to pay additional $, also of you like to book in advance on the app for good seats, expect to pay additional too. Also if you like special events like sports or concerts, those aren’t included.
        If all you’re watching is 2D movies, it’s good membership. If not, I would look into AMC instead, you’ll save a lot more!

  2. Got it shortly after it became available. It costs the price of two movies at night. I have seen several since then and it is easy and enjoyable to use. I used it to see almost I had been wanting to see. I almost never get food or drink, and it was nice to get a free consession. I have saved quite a bit using it. Yesterday I watched “Rambo: Last Blood”, then “Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw” (something I had been trying to get to for a while) and then “Ad Astra”. There are new releases every Friday, I think, so I would say it is a very good deal. My mindset is often something like, “What movie will I go see? It’s free.”

  3. I have the highest membership one for $23 which is still a good deal for me however I didn’t read the fine print and today is Saturday and I do mot have access to any free movies until Sunday. Not even 1 movie today Regal? Really.

  4. My 15 year old son and I are movie buffs and go to the movies every weekend. Let’s do the math:
    BEFORE REGAL UNLIMITED: 2 tickets x $9 x 4 weeks = $72
    AFTER REGAL UNLIMITED: (1 ticket x $9 x 4) + $18 subscription = $54…25% savings

    He will be turning 16 soon and will be getting his subscription so here’s the math on that one:
    TWO REGAL UNLIMITED: (0 ticket x $9 x 4) + (2 subscriptions x $18) = $36…50% savings!

  5. I’m about to take the plunge and buy the mid-level membership b/c it works for the 3 theaters I frequent most. But, unlike most purchases/posters, I am buying for a pretty unusual reason. It’s the exact reason I collect miles and points. But for miles and points, I would never travel. Since jumping into this game in 2014, I’ve traveled the world, mostly first class.
    I love movies but never, ever go. I probably get to a theater less than 1/year. I have no tv or internet at home, currently, so no ability to stream a movie. I did get a movie from Redbox a month or so ago, for the first time in years. Basically, I’m a workaholic who lives alone and never does anything for fun (except, now, travel). But I’m also cheap, so I figure if I buy this package, I’ll MAKE myself go to the theater at least 3-4x/month to justify the cost. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

  6. Before joining Movie Pass and AMC, I always went to a Regal theater for their seat recliners and how they always clean up after each showing.
    When Ultimate Plus came out, I jumped ship and signed up within 24hrs of its inception.
    I love movies and see more than 3 a month. With the Ultimate Plus I am on cloud nine and will see more.
    I live in NYC and the Ultimate Plus is great if you love movies. Movies in NYC average are $14.50 for 2D.
    I have seen 6 movies so far without any problems. The large popcorn and soda you get on your birthday is a nice bonus, which can cost more than a movie.

  7. Hello…I just have one Regal movie theater near me…all others are really far away. If i would get the yearly pass, and for some reason my theater here would close…could i get a refund??? or am I stuck with the plan. Thanks

  8. I was considering buying it this week, but something bothers me. I have an 8 year old and I want to get the regal unlimited for me. ( you have to be 16 or older, so my daughter can’t get it) I asked the manager at our favorite regal cinema, on how it works and if it will be worth it. He confirmed that she won’t be able to have it( he said that she would need her own phone, because they used the regal app and need a picture.) That every time I would go and watch a movie, I would have to purchase a child ticket. He said I would still save money, but if I choose to watch three movies in that week, I would be paying about $30 dollars for my kid. We do watch a lot of movies, but not sure if it will be worth it.

  9. Is it $18 for just me to purchase or can I purchase for my family too. Or is it $18 per person. For example can I get five tickets a movie ?

    • I haven’t bought this yet, but I have checked online, and forums, they said the subscription is individual, there is not a family plan, sorry

  10. I purchased Regal Unlimited last week (the mid-tier annual plan), and so far it’s been great for me, as I’ve been able to watch a movie every day with no problems. I just read this article, and the one thing that has me worried is where it says under Need to Know, “Regal reserves the rights to exclude certain movies from this subscription so you may not be able to access all movies or to access popular movies when they first come out.” On Regal’s FAQ page linked below that, it reads “Other than regularly scheduled 2D and premium format movie showtimes (excluding showtimes of any foreign language film), Regal reserves the right to designate any film, format, showtime or event as ineligible for the Subscription Program.” So the wording of this article has me concerned that I could possibly be locked out of seeing an opening night showing of Star Wars Episode 9 for instance, but the wording on Regal’s page makes me think I’ll be fine, as it reads “OTHER THAN REGULARLY SCHEDULED 2D and premium format movie showtimes…” So bottom line, am I missing something here, and should I be worried? Thanks…

    • Justin: What I did was not see any movies for 3 weeks. On the 4th Week, I would start seeing the movies that have been out for 3 weeks or more. During this time period new movies would have come out and I would see these 3 or 4 weeks later as well. This cycle basically continues throughout the year. Enjoy!

  11. In my area in WA I have 3 regals and 1 AMC, all my tickes are $13-16 a pop and as a previous moviepass member (started off so well, I was willing to pay 30 a month for unlimited movies…. later it was awful). Every theater in my state is mid-tier but if I see two movies a month it’s still paid for itself.

  12. Having been a member of both movie pass (started great ended badly….no movies or theatres available ever for months) then sinemia (hidden fees and literally only one customer service person giving the run around when you had issues) I can say that regal is getting the unlimited experience totally right. We love it!! I don’t understand the complaints about cost…seriously it’s unlimited movies and you can literally keep seeing the same movie multiple times…not all reduced fee theatres show current movies or have the best movie hours or are in close proximity……I love our regal and am so grateful to them for such an awesome new unlimited service. We are going to the Cape for vacation and there’s a regal close to our resort that is part of unlimited…love this service so much! Thank you Regal for rocking this movie club thing! They really learned from the mistakes of the other companies…right down to checking the app photo to make sure it’s you using the service and using a user friendly app/ scannable barcode for box office “purchase” (this is great). The bar code also gives you 10% off all concessions and your promotions pop up on screen too. So easy!! That is a huge plus! If you love movies you will love this regal unlimited.

  13. I just bought this yesterday and have already seen 3 movies! For me it was worth it because all of my local regals are in the lowest tier. Also the way I view it is that you need to go at least twice a month for this to pay off and for me that is a very achievable goal. So if you go to the movies at least twice a month I would say this is for you.

    • I live in Blythewood, SC I have a regal cinema 10 minutes away, in the low tier, I was thinking the same, 2 visit a month and it pay off, and I know I will be visiting more often with this unlimited plan. Now have you attended a RPX movie?? How much you paid for the fee??

  14. Meh. You’ve got to watch a LOT of movies to make this pay off.

    Our local movie-plex offers $5 Tuesday any show, any time. They offer the same first run movies. We can see 3 shows every Tuesday without having to drive out of town and still be ahead by $3 compared to low-end Regal at $18 a month at limited theaters. The best part? If there are no movies we want to see, we save $5! Or if we want to see a movie every week that’s only $2 more with no commitment.

    • This is going to work out best for those people who have less flexible schedules and who end up paying a lot to go to the movies anyway. As I said in the article I go to a $6 theater with recliners, etc. but not everyone has a theater with such specials or can do that. This definitely isn’t for everyone and I suspect most people like yourself can find a better deal if they don’t go to a ton of movies.


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