From Shawn: Last month I was invited by the Ocean Blue & Sand in Punta Cana to stay at their property for a few days to do a review. At the last minute I got really sick and had to cancel my trip. Blogger Fernando Palacios was able to take the trip in my place and I agreed to let him share his thoughts about his stay. His entire stay was complimentary, however he paid for his airfare to/from Punta Cana. The words and ideas in this review are his own. Photos in this review are provided by the hotel.

Review: Ocean Blue & Sand punta cana

Ocean Blue & Sand Punta Cana Review

Everything happened so fast I wasn’t even sure why I had decided to say “yes” to this trip to Punta Cana. During the flight I was probably a little nervous about going to a new country and to a destination that never crossed my mind to visit in the short term. But there I was, not knowing what was yet to come.

My arrival into Punta Cana was very smooth after paying $10 USD for the the standard tourist visa. At the airport people were very attentive and I did not have any problems finding a taxi to bring me to the Ocean Blue and Sand which was only about 15 minutes from the airport.


Review: Ocean Blue & Sand punta cana
Ocean Blue & Sand Lobby.

I have been in many all inclusive hotels, and I must say, I usually dislike this kind of vacation except when I am taking a cruise, but this was different. When I got to the huge lobby, I was directed to an exclusive area for check-in called “Privilege”. This area is for people who stay in upgraded rooms right by the beach, which are better equipped and have more amenities. At check-in I was completely pampered by the staff. I sipped on champagne while they described the on property amenities and restaurants. I was impressed with the number of facilities this property has.

After check-in I was taken to my room which was not just very comfortable but also spacious.  The room was well appointed with nice furniture, a big bathroom and a separate living room with a big terrace. A well stocked minibar and room service were included as well.

Quality From the Top Down

Review: Ocean Blue & Sand punta cana
Junior Suite at the Ocean Blue & Sand in Punta Cana.

But, why do I think this hotel is special? The answer is very simple. During my stay, I never found myself bored at all and the food and activities were of a high quality. The reason I love cruising is because you never get bored even though you are on a ship for days at a time. Well, the reason I don’t like all inclusive hotels is because usually they have one or two a-la-carte restaurants and one buffet along with a single disco/theater and that is it. The quality of the food generally isn’t the best either.

Ocean Blue and Sand Hotel is different and is built to feel like paradise. The sun, sky, palm trees, pool and of course the Caribbean Sea with its white sand beach is spectacular. The rooms are in three story buildings that are distributed along the property and provide the feeling of walking through a small Caribbean town with vibrant colors and designs. This isn’t a cookie cutter hotel.

Review: Ocean Blue & Sand punta cana

Separate from the rooms, in an open area you will find most of the venues of the hotel. The walk from my room to the venues was pleasant. At night it was nice to look up at the stars and enjoy the ocean breeze during the five minute journey. I also enjoyed the big lake with tables and chairs that surrounds the main area of restaurants.

The Food & Amenities

As a guest you can decide to have dinner among 6 a-la-carte restaurants which include the following types of food: Mexican, Italian, Steak, French, American and Japanese. (The Japanese food is simply amazing.) I was not able to try all of the restaurants, but loved each venue I was able to sample.  In addition to the excellent service, the quality of the food was excellent as well.

Review: Ocean Blue & Sand punta cana
El Carey & La Tortuga Buffet.

While the food was good, the drinks were great as well. The Dominican Republic is famous for its coffee and the shop on property serves some of the finest local blends. They also serve amazing pastries, please make sure to try them all, you will love them. If you are looking for libations, you can also sit back at one of many bars to watch sports or simply hang out with friends. 

The property also has a lot of entertainment as well. There is a separate bowling alley and video arcade if you are into something different, also with a bar included. Or you can just head to the casino. Of course if you are more traditional and would like to see a show, there is a theater, a night club and a large lobby bar with live music. If that is not enough you can head to the piano bar for a nice and quiet conversation while you listen the piano man and drink a glass of champagne.

Review: Ocean Blue & Sand punta cana

Oh… and I forgot to mention, it has two buffet restaurants for breakfast and lunch!

I was very excited about the Ocean Blue and Sand hotel because to me, it was like nothing ever seen before in an all inclusive property and it was as fun and with as much variety as being on a cruise, except even better because I could enjoy the beach and those beautiful ocean breezes all of the time.

If you decide to go, you will not be disappointed in your choice to stay at the Ocean Blue and Sand Hotel in Punta Cana.

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  1. I keep reading reviews that says there is no beach because of erosion. My family and I would love to go to this resort but the beach is very important to us. Is the beach worth it?

    • Hello Lynn. Actually the erosion on beaches happens in many areas of the caribbean every now and then. But hotels always contain this situation… Specifically the beach in this property is quite long and enough to enjoy the beach on the sand or sunbed. I am Fernando, the guy who wrote the review for Shawn. You will have a good time if you are considering to stay in this property.


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