An Amazing Vegas Implosion Video & Major League Sports are Coming to Town!


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riviera implosion video nhl
Dust after the Riviera’s Monaco Tower implosion. Photo by Tydence Davis.

Awesome Riviera Implosion Video

In case you haven’t heard, one of the Riviera’s towers (the Monaco Tower) was imploded this week in typical Vegas fashion. Along with a fireworks show, the tower, which I stayed in on the last night the hotel was open, came down fairly easily, although there was one hitch.

If you have ever noticed that implosions are generally fairly easy to see, that is because flood lights are used to illuminate the building. This implosion also had flood lights, but they cut out just before the implosion began, leaving it a bit difficult to see. Thankfully I have found an awesome video of the implosion taken from a drone. It has a different perspective than you usually get and is fun to watch.

Want more implosions? Check out this awesome drone video I covered of the Clarion implosion last year. We can also look forward to at least another implosion as the Riviera’s original tower still needs to come down sometime later this year.

Hockey Coming to Vegas

riviera implosion video nhl

I covered rumors awhile back that Vegas was a lock for an NHL hockey team. While the NHL Board of Directors doesn’t meet until June 22, ESPN and many other news outlets confirmed that Vegas will get its team as long as the ownership group can come up with $500 million in seed money. That is a lot of money, but the fee isn’t expected to be a problem.

The team will play in the brand new T-Mobile Arena and the ownership group already sold over 13,000 season tickets to fans who put up a deposit to prove to the NHL that Vegas wants hockey. With the NHL a virtual lock for Vegas, now maybe the city can focus on getting the Raiders to come. I still think that is a long shot, but who knows. Vegas is now on the major league sports map!


Vegas and implosions are becoming synonymous, but it was bittersweet to see the Riv come down this week. Still, it is all in the name of progress and I think getting a major league sports franchise is indeed that. What do you think about the implosion, losing the Riv and the new hockey team? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. “Congrats on your NHL team,” says the reader from Pittsburgh still basking in the glow of the Penguins’ Stanley Cup win on Sunday night.


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