From Around the Web: Delta Award Sale, An Amazing MS Opportunity You Probably Missed, Make $1000 with 10 friends and More!!!


Roundup: Articles From Around the Web!

Roundup: Articles From Around the Web!

Here are some posts that caught our eye that we thought you may find interesting!  Let us know if there is anything good we missed.


Delta Award Sale – 13,000 miles for some roundtrip flights by Doctor of Credit

Pretty limited in terms of airports involved in the sale.  But if you are flying to and from Boston, Austin, or Seattle you should probably give it a look.

On the flip side of that Delta may have ended 25K saver awards – View from the Wing 

Not all that shocking since we are talking about Delta.  Since they don’t have an award chart they can kind of do what they want.  The real question is will the other airlines follow suit?  Virgin Atlantic miles are probably the best way to fly Delta domestically now.

Save 11% at Lowe’s in store and online from 1/11-1/18 by FrequentMiler

Pretty decent deal if you are starting your home improvement projects early.  You could probably stack this with a discounted Lowe’s gift card to increase your savings.  They have been on sale for 10-15% off often lately.

An amazing deal happened at Toys R Us that you probably weren’t aware of – MilesperDay.

I like this series “dead deals” because it gives you some good ideas of what to look for next time around.  I am not sure if this one would help you much in the future but it will make you awfully jealous!

Walmart rolling out a new money order protocol – The Free-quent Flyer

It doesn’t sound like a huge change and they are rolling it out when computer systems are updated.  My local store still has not enacted the change, as of 2 days ago.  But I thought it would be good for you to know about it before you saw “gift certificate” on your money order and started freaking out.

Make $1000 this month if you have 10 Friends via Acorn – Danny the Deal Guru

Pretty awesome deal if you can swing it.  I think some people out there may be able to make it work.


On a side note if you ever wait more than 5 minutes doing a store pick up at Sears make sure you get a $5 off coupon.  That is their policy and I got one today for waiting just under 6 minutes for my order.  Going to pick up on the weekend may increase your chances.


I hope you enjoyed the links and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  Let us know if there is anything you think should be added in.



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    • I don’t think so. I have never gotten out of there in under 5 minutes lol. Sears is focusing on their online pick up and do it better than most. At the stores near me the have a separate entrance so you don’t need to go into the store and they will bring it out to your car. You can check in via the app or walk to the kiosk to do it.


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