It Is Legit! My Sakura Debit Card Arrived Today – With The $200 Bonus Attached

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Sakura Debit CardIt Is Legit!!! My Sakura Debit Card Arrived Today – With The $200 Bonus Attached

A week ago Shawn wrote about an unbelievable offer from Sakura.  It is a new debit card aimed at business owners.  But the amazing part is that the card comes with a $200 bonus attached.  If you sign up for the account they will ship you a card with $200 already loaded.  It sounded too good to be true but I went ahead and applied anyway.  Well my Sakura debit card arrived today via FedEx and when I activated it and logged in the $200 bonus was on my account!

UPDATE: It appears they are no longer taking applications for the time being.


When Shawn originally wrote the article there was supposed to be an extra $50 for filling out a survey.  I have never seen the survey so they may have pulled that but the juicy $200 bonus is real!

I filled out the application for the card in a few minutes.  And like Shawn I did not add my banking info, which was optional.  You do need to put in your social security number though.  I have not received any notification of a hard pull for it and Sakura confirmed that in our post via the comments section.

I was approved quicker than anyone else at Miles to Memories even though I signed up later but I have no idea why.  The approval email came 10/11 and I received the card from on 10/14.  So they ship it out pretty quickly.

I called in to activate the card and then logged into my account online to see this:

Sakura Debit Card

Final Thoughts

It is still unclear how useful this card will be going forward.  Depending on how you can load it and what they roll out in the future it could be useful.  We will have to wait and see.  But I will gladly give it a shot when it comes with a $200 bonus offer.  This added to the SoFi Money bonus and SoFi Investing bonus, I have done pretty well for myself over the last week!


  1. Per their website: “We’re sorry, but at this time we are no longer accepting new applications for the Sakura Reloadable Visa”

    • From Shawn’s initial article

      After digging a little I found that their prepaid card program is run by the same bank that does Cash App, Robinhood and many others. Additionally the CEO and other principals came from Square. It does seem legit.


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