2 Additional Ways to Load the Very Lucrative Sam’s Club Amex Offer Even if it You Weren’t Initially Targeted!


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Sam’s Club Amex Offer Targeting

The Sam’s Club Amex Offer is one of the better ones we have ever seen. It gives up to $250 back on up to $1,250 in spending. That is a nice chunk of change if you were lucky enough to be targeted. A lot of people missed out on that offer, but fortunately a couple of readers have found new ways to add it to their cards.

For more info on the offer and how to maximize the Sam’s Club Amex Offer, see:

Via Email

A reader reached out to me the other day to share the great news about receiving a link to add the Sam’s Club offer to his card. The offer came in a promotional email with the subject “You’ve Got Some News About Your Card.” (You know the emails you always blow by in your inbox and never actually read!)

Sam's Club Amex Offer Targeting

This reader is very advanced in the miles/points realm and was surprised to see this link since the offer didn’t show up in his account on the American Express website. Once he clicked the link from the email he was able to confirm that the offer had been added. In this case it really paid to open up that promotional email!

Via the Amex App

Another reader also confirmed getting this offer loaded to their account via the Amex App’s “Nearby Offers” feature.

To see if it is available:

  1. Download the Amex app
  2. Login to your account and navigate to your card
  3. Go to the “Offers” tab
  4. Select “Nearby Offers” and you will see a map of available offers nearby your current position.

Sam's Club Amex Offer Targeting

This reader also confirmed that the offer wasn’t available when looking at her account on the Amex website, but the Sam’s Club offer showed up on the map at a nearby Sam’s Club. She was then able to click the offer and load it to her card. Success!

Need to Know

  • These methods won’t work for everyone, but it can’t hurt to download the app and check your emails.
  • The Sam’s Club offer is only available on business cards.
  • Multiple purchases in the same day seem to trigger the credit.

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for the tip, glad it worked for some, just not for me. I didn’t have Sam’s or BJ’s offers available on my Biz Plat and have both stores nearby but neither showed up on the map.

  2. This worked for me!

    My home is about an hour away from the nearest club. Given this is an in-store offer perhaps that is why it didn’t automatically show up. Added it to four business SPG cards via the mobile app. I just dragged the map over to SW Las Vegas, hit refresh offers, and there they were. Thanks!

  3. I received the same email with the link on Dec 1 – I clicked on it in the same hope of getting to add the Sams Club offer to my account. But it did not add the offer to my account 🙁 So close yet so far!

  4. This is fantastic! I’m lucky enough to have found this offer on the app for Amex Gold Delta Business card. Thanks so much!

  5. The Amex app worked for my SPG bus card. Now I just need to drive from PDX to SEA, get a membership and do some shopping. I’ll only do this if I happen to be in SEA before the end of Jan. I wish I would have known this trick when I went to see my parents over Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for the tips s always Shawn


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