Sam’s Club Reverses Course on Gift Card Shipping Fees


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sams club gift cards shipping

Sam’s Club Gift Cards Free Shipping

I love when I get to write about good news. As many of you know, American Express and Sam’s Club released a fantastic Amex Offer about a month ago. This offer gives a $20 statement credit after spending $20 at (Registration is now closed.)

After a few days, Sam’s Club removed their $10 and $20 denomination gift cards and only sold $50 and up. Since it is possible to use 2 synced credit cards to pay, this meant you could spend $10 and get a $50 card. Pretty good.

Then a few days after that, Sam’s Club began charging shipping for their gift cards. The shipping charges depended on where you lived, but ranged anywhere from about $5 to $50. Thankfully it now seems that the company has reversed position.

sams club gift cards shipping

If you go to now, you will see that their gift cards no longer have a shipping fee. While they still haven’t added back $10 & $20 denominations, free shipping is huge. If you were waiting to redeem your offers you may want to do it now. I sincerely hope they won’t start charging shipping again, but I wouldn’t wait to find out.

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  1. Shawn, can you please point me somewhere that I can find information on how to activate Sam’s Club gift cards if I’m not a member? Thanks!!!

    • You can use it online at but you will be charged a 5% premium if you are a non member or you can use it at Walmart without the 5% premium.

        • Mine did not require activation. Mine was for $40 before they got rid of that amount. I took it to WM and used it at self-check out for items. Drained it all. If you’re going to use it at WM anyway, just take it there and try.

  2. Gift cards must be activated whether you are a member of Sam’s Club or not. You can’t just give or send one to someone and expect it to be ready to use. There are two ways to activate: online (preferable using the activation email they should have sent you) OR in the store (including Wal Mart). If you activate in the store, it helps to bring purchase information and, of course, your matching ID. It may take up to 2 hours after activation for the card(s) to be ready to use at the register.

  3. Mine required activation. They’ll send you an email with the activation link. Once you click on it, it’ll be automatically activated for you.

  4. I swiped up an ULTA giftcard for $25… w/free shipping. Had no idea before yesterday that they were charging shipping on GIFT CARDS!!! Gift cards however, are the best option since shipping fees on any item purchased ranges about $10 + tax. Kind of eats away at the $20.


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