Samsung Pay Adds Virtual Debit Card and International Transfers

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samsung pay debit card

Samsung Pay Adds Virtual Debit Card and International Transfers

Samsung Pay has added two new features in the last few days. There’s now an option to get a virtual debit card in the app, plus you can send money internationally. Let’s take a look at the new offerings.

Samsung Pay Cash

The virtual card is called Samsung Pay Cash. It is available for signup in the app. The card allows you to request, send, or add money to it through any card in Samsung Pay. The Samsung Pay Cash card works anywhere Samsung Pay and Mastercard are accepted.

The virtual card can be topped up with a credit and regular debit card or through an ACH transfer from an external bank account. There’s a 3% fee for credit cards.

To promote the new feature, Samsung is giving the first 20,000 Pay Cash users a $5 credit if they register and verify their identity. You can go to Add Cards in the app and you will see the Samsung Pay Cash option in there.

International Transfers

Samsung has also introduced international money transfers for Pay users in the US. It gives you a way to send money to 47 countries, with the option to deposit directly to bank accounts or to choose a location where the recipient can pick up their money in cash.

When sending money internationally, the service will automatically show you the currency conversion along with any applicable fees upfront before completing the transaction.


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