Chase Sapphire Reserve App Live & Many Data Points of 5/24 Approvals!


Sapphire Reserve Application Link

Sapphire Reserve Application Link

Well the card that everyone has eagerly been anticipating seems to have come to party a little early and disappeared again. An application link and landing page were found, but those have died. Fortunately we did confirm quite a lot of new information about the card.

Update 1: A landing page has been found.

Update 2: The landing page is working still, but the app is not working anymore. I did confirm some of the questions we had about the card including how the travel credit will work. You can find that information here.

Update: 3 As of 8/15 at 3:45PM Eastern, both the landing page and application pages have been down. Here is a screenshot of the landing page:


  • The direct application link does not mention the bonus as is normal for Chase applications.
  • There is no known link to the landing page as of now.
  • As far as we know all versions of the card will have a 100K bonus, but there is no way to get confirmation of that before using this app and some Reddit data points (unconfirmed) seem to indicate this app may not have a bonus.
  • There are a significant number of data points of people who are well over 5/24 getting instant approvals for this card. A number of people are also in pending too, but it seems based on people’s experiences that Sapphire Reserve is not yet blocked by 5/24.

Direct Application Link with Landing Page

Before applying, I highly recommend reading through this thread on Reddit where you can find many data points from others who have already applied.

If you aren’t familiar with the Sapphire Reserve and its benefits, see this post.


Now that we have found the landing page, it seems like now may be a good time to apply for the card given data points of approvals. Still, I recommend proceeding with caution and reading through the data before making a decision.

Are you going to apply? Have you applied? Please share your thoughts and/or data points in the comments!

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  1. But the link answered many questions about the benefits, including the $300 travel reimbursement credit. This card is awesome. I am 4/24 with a 25k credit limit on a Hyatt card I was planning to cancel. I hope to be approved with some credit line shifting.

  2. I applied and went to pending but called immediately and was approved for 10k. I am about 20/24. I recommend you to call reconsideration line.


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