1. I’m in total agreement with many of the comments on the savings, but am I the only one that chuckled at this statement?

    “Everyone knows Disney Cruises are pricey and normally cost a bit more than other cruise lines…” Yeah, and LeBron James is a bit of a better basketball player than me.

  2. Some math on the opportunity cost. OP spent 4000 on CSR, 3000 Merrill, 3000 Barclay and 1500 Discover. A 2% cashback card will pay you a refund of .02 x total spent. In this case the cash refund would have been .02 x $11500 = $230. The opportunity cost should be subtracted from savings. So if you think you saved $1500 with “The MATH” you actually only saved $1270. Also, like others have said, cash sign up bonuses should be calculated as earning cash for time & spend minus opportunity cost. These are not savings. Savings would be like buying $1250 of Disney giftcards at Sam’s club on an SPG business with a 20% off Amex Offer. Now you saved because your $1250 in GC only cost you $1250(at register) – $250(Amex Offer) + $25(Opportunity cost of spending $1250 not using 2% cashback card) = Total $1025 (costs) for $1250 in Disney Spend. Savings = 18%.

  3. You missed out on a big savings opportunity here: Using a travel agent that rebates some of their commission to you. For example, on a $3000 Disney cruise Costco will give you about $250 back in the form of a gift card, which is as good as cash in my household.

  4. No need to pile on the author. He achieved HIS goal for this cruise and shared his experience which may have helped some people achieve their Disney dream cruise. If you didn’t learn or appreciate their post you can simply move one to the thousands of other posts. If you already see 5+ negative comments, adding your own is only kicking the man while he is down. Thanks for the post Juan…

  5. This has to go down as one of the most shamefully dishonest blogs I’ve read in a long time.

    Pathetic and disgusting.

  6. I totally agree with most of the negative comments, in that this post feels like click bait to me.

    I am shocked that Miles to Memory would approve this post. The audience here are not the ones that follow the Points Guy or MMS. We seasoned points/miles enthusiasts who discuss MS and resell margins instead of blindly click on affiliate links, so I am truly disappointed when I read the author consider the CSR $300 credit as a trip saving rather than a mere annual fee reimbursement.

    I thought I will be reading some creative way to source Disney GC for cheap, or at the very least the mentioning of the $20 GC from every $1k spend using Disney Vacation Account. All I can say is this article is poorly thought out, at best. Might want to stay focus on your niche audience, instead of, you know, Double Duty.

  7. I’m confused on how the CSR is a $300 savings. You still had to pay $450. Even getting two credits, you only saved $150 with that route.

  8. I’m with the others here who say this isn’t really a “savings”. You paid full cost using credits earned. If you get the Sapphire Reserve, pay $450 annual fee, the $300 credit isn’t “free”. It’s like saying a trip was free because you paid for it with your income tax refund.

  9. I’m with the others here who say this isn’t really a “savings”. You paid full cost using credits earned. If you get the Sapphire Reserve, pay $450 annual fee, the $300 credit isn’t “free”. It’s like saying a trip was free because you paid for it with your tax rebate.

  10. This is an informative post so don’t get me wrong but….based on the savings logic why didn’t you just apply for 3, 4, 5 other cards with travel credits and cruise for “free”. You could have just as easily applied these travel credits to other cruise lines, air fare, resorts, etc. I guess.

    • You are right. Wanted to limit my HP’s and simply save a considerable amount. Could have done so and credited total cruise for “free” but that wasn’t my logic here. Wanted to simply save a nice chunk. Thanks for reading.

    • @Radster – it’s hard to do better than 5%, like the $1,500 he spent on the Discover credit card. And he maxed out the $300 travel credit on the CSR – that’s an actual savings, too. I guess you are saying he could have transferred his CSR points and used them on international first class, or used his Merrill+ points for airfare to save $1,000 instead of $500? If so, that’s true, but having young kids myself, I could see using the points to save money on a cruise – especially since I might not want to take my squirmy kids on an airplane, so I would consider it a savings.

      • Acknowledge that some significant mental gymnastics are involved when considering opportunity cost. And each scenario is most certainly person-specific.

        If the OP had no other way of ‘cashing out’ his travel reimbursements, then they probably can be considered ‘savings’. I myself, however, consider such CC benefits to be (near to) cash-equivalents, and therefore not savings.

        So all that being said, ‘savings’ is probably a reasonable description and I retract my original statement. Apologies the OP. 🙂

  11. Instead of the vacation account, you can also combine gift cards on disneygiftcard.com up to $1,000 per card (just make sure to keep all the drained cards in case of fraud/lost card)


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