Gift Card Arbitrage Opportunity – 20% Off Sears Gift Cards + Portal + 5x


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20% Off Sears Gift Cards

This morning I wrote about gift card arbitrage and how you can earn huge credit card rewards and a small profit by buying and selling gift cards. I definitely recommend giving that post a look. With that said, shortly after publishing, I found this deal that is a perfect example.

The Deal

GiftCardMall on eBay is selling $50 physical Sears gift cards for $40 with a limit of 2. Since these cards are being sold by GiftCardMall, the purchase should earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points, plus 1.5% from a portal plus 2% in eBay Bucks.

In my case I used part of a $100 eBay gift card I purchased at a 5% discount last week to purchase these gift cards. Since these are physical Sears cards, I can resell them for about 84% of their face value and make a nice profit.

The Math

  • Proceeds from Selling Sears cards (84%): $84
  • Plus eBay Bucks earned: $1.60
  • Plus portal cashback (1.5%): $1.20
  • Minus cost of eBay gift card (5% off $80 face value): $76
  • Profit: $10.80
  • UR Points earned on eBay GC purchase: 380

eBay Gift Cards

sears-gift-card-deal apr 15

GiftCardMall is also selling $75 eBay gift cards for $72 which amounts to a 4% discount. Keep in mind these are physical gift cards, so you won’t be able to use them to get in on the Sears deal, but they should be around for future deals as outlined in this post.

Note: Several readers at Frequent Miler have reported that the best portal to use when purchasing eBay gift cards from GiftCardMall is Ebates since Top Cashback and others don’t seem to be paying out.


These are two great deals that should both earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points and a small profit. Just another great example of why right now these gift card arbitrage opportunities are worth taking advantage of.

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HT: Slickdeals

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  1. Hey Shawn….Someone other day started saying that the newer purchases sold by giftcardmall at ebay are not getting 5x. All the prior purchases until 04/02 were 5x..but after posted at 1x.
    Any thoughts about this?

    • I haven’t had any since then, but I will follow up with my own experiences. One easy way around this is to purchase eBay gift cards through PayPal Digital Gifts which has been confirmed to earn 5x and then use those for the Gift Card Mall purchases.

  2. I can confirm .. my order from last week for Ebay gift cards sold by giftcardmall were coded as Financial Service and only got 1x on Chase Ink. PayPal Digital Gifts is still getting 5x.

  3. What are your costs for snail mailing? Insurance? I I know some sites will send free labels if you’re a bulk seller. The costs of sending them via mail should also be included I’m the calculations too no?

    • In this case I sold to Cardpool who supplies the postage, so my actual costs are reflected. Prepaid gift cards are a form of currency and thus cannot be insured, which is always a risk.


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